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Spring 2024


(in Alphabetical order)

" $elf-Checkout" by Jonathan Riles

"79" by George Brown

"A Chick in the Cockpit" by Erika Armstrong

"A Haunting Love" by Jennifer Lynn O'Hara

"A Nice Place to Visit" by Jack Warner

"A Time for Us" by Frank Delegato

"About That Night" by Elizabeth Page

"Alive Without Medicine" by Benjamin Thomas White

"Anamnesia" by Justine Rivero

"ArtWorks" by Jeffrey Meyer

"AS THE DAY THE NIGHT" by Ashley Allen

"ASTREA: The Femme-Adventures of Aphra Behn" by Mariah Anzaldo Hale

"Ava's New World" by Ashish K Saxena

"Back in the High Life" by Larry Collins

"Bad Dentist" by Tanya O'Debra

"Banished: The Story of a Great Injustice" by Cody McDevitt

"Barnaby and Bella" by Georgina Boeheim

"Be Bold!" by Ruby Mainieri

"Bear Frat" by Will Moro

"Becky Brenneman's Bangin' Bat Mitzvah" by V.C. Rhone

"Becoming Elizabeth" by Aimee Veronica Pitta

"Bellowing Winds" by Constanza Chesnott

"Best Laid Plans" by Kelly Anelons

"Betty and the Blitz" by Mark A Pritchard

"BIBLE CAMP" by Hyon Jung Lee

"Blue Butterfly" by Tingfeng Zhu

"Body Brokers" by Gisella Bustillos

"Bring the Beat" by Daryn Strauss

"Catch & Release" by Jenna Macari

"Century Down" by Bobby Jordan

"Clairvoyant" by Willem Bosch & Zeynep Dulger

"Confederate Ghosts" by Robert Sherwin & Christopher Sewall Williams

"Connected" by Dani Hanks

"Cosmic Beasts" by Jenny Goddard-Garcia

"Crusha" by Helen Louise Adams

"Cursed at Christmas" by Joanna Evans

"D!ckless" by Rex DeWayne Perkins

"Data" by Stuart Alan Pollack

"Dead Man With A Plan" by Joel Stern

"Defining Moment" by Sarantis Raftopoulos


"Derek is Dead" by Georgina Alice Campbell

"Desire's Objects" by Laura Houlberg

"Devil Grrl" by Chiara Donio

"Dick Nixon" by Samuel Harwood

"Don't Eat Paper!" by Julius John Galacki

"Drama Queen" by Stephanie Scott

"EL TITÁN" by George Perez

"Ellis" by Natalie Schwan

"Entanglement" by Nicole Delprado

"Ethics Bureau" by Charlese Hawkins-Hatton

"Fake News" by Ryan Bess Winnick

"Faleena" by Madeleine Coffey McKenna

"Finding Jaden" by Justin Thomas

"Frades" by Paula Buchta

"Fu-Go" by Bobby

"Full Circle" by Anna Hopkins

"Gaby's Heart" by Jennifer Lynn O'Hara

"Gender Reveal Party" by Michael Isaac Jacobs

"Ghost Station" by Suzy Stein & Fernando Perez

"Grand Theft" by Vin Hill

"Gunther's Cavern" by Edward Etzkorn

"Happy Home" by Zackary Centrella

"Harmonic" by Lou Kendrick

"HEIMRICH FARM" by Charles J Finesilver & Greg D Paxton

"Her Lover" by Elizabeth F Stuelke

"Heroes and Villains" by Timothy Burgess & John Burgess

"Hivemind" by Patrick Macdonald

"Holy Crisis" by Stephanie Kornick

"Hope" by Lexie Shamir

"I AM" by Phillip Charles

"Injustice! Ex Parte Crow Dog" by Christopher Manydeeds

"iOuroboros" by Joshua Rose

"It Takes Ah Village" by DebbieAnn Seemungal & Alisha Persaud

"Jinn and the Art of Spellmaking" by Hayley Shucker

"Just Right" by Camille Wormser & Hunter Milano

"Kid Soldier"

"Kings Of The Air" by Michael Cooper

"Knots" by Lenea Key

"Knotty" by Dani Hanks

"LA Nights" by Arthur Glenn

"Lady Jay" by Alexandra Amadio

"Last Bash"by Krista Knight & Meghan Brown

"Last Seen Alive" by Jillian Lozano

"Life with Lia" by Milan-Devi LaBrey & Emmy Bowen

"Little Green Everything" by Chuck Augello

"Loch Awe" by Stefan Alexander

"Love & Detroit"

"Love" by Mary Todd

"Lucy is going to Hell"

"Lucy Lopez Sells Her House"

"Lupo" by Lynn Mancinelli & Tony Germinario

"MAGDALENE" by Alexandra Dennis-Renner

"Make a Wish" by Lucy Johnson

"Maya's Room" by Andrew Weaver

"Me & My Grandpa Chooch" by Jose Enrique Cruz

"Michael Collins: My Generation" by Patrick O'Sullivan Greene

"My Name Is Jonas" by Cory David Bortnicker

"New Parents" by ALBERT Jean

"Night Of The Living Decorations" by Steffany Sommers

"No Place Like Home" by Giuseppe Cocca


"Official Report"

"OLD AND COLD" by Frank P. Tomasulo

"Once Upon a Time on Mars" by Abhishek Singh

"Ophelia's Scars" by Usman Khan & Darren Andrew Nash

"Outdated" by Lindsay Klein

"P E E K A Boo" by Per Hampton

"PERMANENCE" by Daniel Cheng

"Petrified" by Amanda Murphy

"Piece of Cake" by Kevin Peter Irigoyen Penatello

"PlayPen" by Caroline Iaffaldano

"Point Arena" by Lance Dumais, Gerard Roxburgh & Urijah Faber

"Provenance" by Daniel Weber


"Puddin'" by Lauryn Massenburg

"Real, True, 100 Percent Love" by Jillie Simon

"Reunion" by Anhtuan Do

"Revelations" by DJ Alvine

"Riptide" by Clea Howard

"Roanoke" by Hannah Schreiber

"Rommel's Peace, Episode One" by Amerika & Lawrence Wells

"SHOCK" by Sarah Robertson

"Show Blacks" by Nina Sokoler & Andrew Durtschi

"SIGNS OF LIFE" by Joseph millson

"Sincerely Me" by Viola Clifton

"Sister" by Alex Blumberg

"Skindigo" by Matthew Kunkel

"Smithereens" by Ashley Hudson

"Soiled Dove" by Leslie-Ann Coles

"Something Blue" by Orli Matlow

"Soroban Impact The Series" by Gregory Ranky

"Spring Heeled Jack" by Anthony A. Labriola

"Stormheart" by Meshal Alsaleem

"Sub Rosa" by Calvin L Cearley

"Supercuts" by Reese Prentice Mitchell


"Sweet Child Of Mine" by Sarah Loraine Deitrich

"Take This Faux Turkey and Shove It!" by Mia Rivera

"Tango of a crumbling wall" by Jac Ford

"Terminal" by Alex Vaii

"The Aedema" by Oliver Thomas

"The Age of the Empath" by Steve Brown

"The Alfred Waltz" by Alexander Yew

"The Arrangement" by Don L. Lorincz

"The Bentley Boys" by Barry Lewis

"The Cavaliere" by Matthew Habibeh

"The Charitable Ladies Society" by Jamie L Becker & Randee Ramsey

"The Exorcism of Father Gabriel"

"The Fig Tree" by Alessandro Arturo Modonese

"The First Colony" by Matthew Kelcourse

"The Four of Us" by Michael Stern

"The Ghosts of Crystal Lake" by Mario Lopez

"The Grand Parents" by Christian Pendered Zur

"The Hagfish" by Hyten Davidson

"The King's Friend" by Vladimir Vassilenko

"The Legend of Osmin & Osito" by Glenn Allen & Richard Kaufman

"The Manilla Envelope" by Jack H. Degelia

"THE MEETING HOUSE" by Sophie Neville

"The Moon Has Left the Heavens" by Jenn Fonteyn

"The Order of The Nine Seals" by Andrea Nocchetti

"The Pallbearers" by Jeffrey Marks

"The Positive Kid"



"The Track"

"The Untitled "High School Kids Break Into Ikea and the Employees Start Killing Them" by Sydney Tracey & Michael Dunker

"The Widow Mrs. Widger" by Megan Breen

"The Wild Hunt" by Francesca Florentyna O'Hop

"The X Factor" by Stoyan Popov

"The Zoo" by Jamie Alan Mollart

"Throne of Blood" by Matt Nye

"Townie" by Ashley Thomas

"Transitions" by Rachael CG Cudlitz

"Transparent Violence" by Briggs Murphy

"Two Comedians" by Juliana Roth


"Underbelly" by Sally Stubbs

"Unlocked" by Barry Castagnola & David Whitehouse

"VICTOR'S CIRCLE" by Kevin J. Howard

"Wait List: A Love-ish Story" by Debra Markowitz

"Wayne and the Wanderers" by Joe Berardi

"We're Gonna Be Alright" by Andrew Akbari

"Welcome to Belle View" by Maureen Vantrease

"Welded Shut" by Sarah Scarborough

"What A World" by Jon DeKelaita

"White Bone" by Richard B. Pierre

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