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Spring 2023 Winners

Feature Drama


Sideways for Attention by Brady O Bryson


Feature Comedy


Immaculate Deception by Amanda Gomez-Rivera


Feature Women Screenwriters


Dancing Beyond by Sarah Daly


Feature Action/Adventure


The Legend Of Eleanor Clark by Thomas Wood


Feature Faith


Little Miracles by Carlos Perez


Feature Family


Claws, Paws and a Blue Macaw by Theresa Giese


Feature Historical


Fernweh – The Ache for Distant Places by Rosemary Griggs


Feature Horror/Thriller


White Ghost by Nathan Liu


Feature LGBTQ


Take My Life by Larry Collins


Feature Science Fiction


Cadet Andrea Wells by Casey Warfield

Feature True Story


Jimmy by Kent Moran


Series Drama


Vivienne Varlette by Demi Aspey


Series Comedy


Death in the Family by Mandalyn Forbes


Series Women Screenwriters


Maya of Brooklyn by Brittany Ramjattan


Series Action/Adventure


Superstition by Jeremy St.Romain


Series Faith


The Modern Christian Spinster’s Guide to Love in the 21st Century by Vickery Ames Eckhoff


Series Family


Maya of Brooklyn by Brittany Ramjattan


Series Historical




Series Horror/Thriller


FREEDOM, CA by Jaime Kawamoto


Series LGBTQ


Venus Rising_ by Nanci Gaglio


Series Science Fiction


Displacement by Toby Marks


Series True Story


The First by Lindsay Kusiak


Short Scripts


Korean Shooter by Jimmy Prosser

Spring 2023 Finalists

Feature Drama


Fly Girls by Ann Frances Markel


Sideways for Attention by Brady O Bryson


Feature Comedy


Immaculate Deception by Amanda Gomez-Rivera


Thanksgiving by David Lombroso


Feature Women Screenwriters


Dancing Beyond by Sarah Daly


TIME WILLING by Renee Brown


Feature Action/Adventure


North to the Future by John Rischmiller


The Legend Of Eleanor Clark by Thomas Wood


Feature Faith


Jeremy by Jonathan Turner Smith


Little Miracles by Carlos Perez


Feature Family


Claws, Paws and a Blue Macaw by Theresa Giese


Level Up by Tara Guptill, Sam Brooks


Feature Historical


Fernweh – The Ache for Distant Places by Rosemary Griggs


Twelve Navy Crosses by Paul Murdock


Feature Horror/Thriller


No One Leaves Alive by J.M. Kallet


White Ghost by Nathan Liu


Feature LGBTQ


MVP by Sarah McGuire


Take My Life by Larry Collins


Feature Science Fiction


Cadet Andrea Wells by Casey Warfield


So Far Away, So Near by Federico Casal


Feature True Story


Jimmy by Kent Moran


WITNESS by Frank Phillip Battaglia, Toby Osborne


Series Drama


The Row by Gregory Caruso


Vivienne Varlette by Demi Aspey


Series Comedy


Death in the Family by Mandalyn Forbes


Pickled Tink by Carl Burcham


Series Women Screenwriters


Maya of Brooklyn by Brittany Ramjattan


The Girl with the Devil Eyes by Toby Marks

Series Action/Adventure

Demonico: Lazarus (Pilot Episode) by Donnell V Henry

Superstition by Jeremy St.Romain


Series Faith


The Modern Christian Spinster’s Guide to Love in the 21st Century by Vickery Ames Eckhoff


Until You Are Loved by Dashiell Finley


Series Family


Going Green by Tea’a Taylor


Maya of Brooklyn by Brittany Ramjattan


Series Historical




The Quarter Queen by Kayla Hardy


Series Horror/Thriller


FREEDOM, CA by Jaime Kawamoto


Wonderama by Jack Mayer


Series LGBTQ


Goofy Foot pilot by Richard Redlo


Venus Rising_ by Nanci Gaglio


Series Science Fiction


Connected by Steven Demmler


Displacement by Toby Marks

Series True Story


Head-On Bobby Rafferty by Larry Portzline


The First by Lindsay Kusiak


Short Scripts


Korean Shooter by Jimmy Prosser


Surviving Matters by Lawrence Terrill

Spring 2023 Semi-Finalists

A Bloodstained Noose by Christian Foley

A Daughter, Wading by Calais Bird

ADAM AND TOM by Zeljka Zupanic

Bait by Jeremiah Granden

BARILOCHE by Claudia Cifuentes

Barlow Bierlow by David Kirkham

Be The Sun by Larry Silverberg

Beholder by Amy Fruchtman

Beverly Hills Pharmacist by Griffith Lambert, Stacey Powells

Bipolar by William Rhodes

Bleak Oblivion by Christian Rousseau

Brett Was A Fuck by Keith Rubin

Colossus by Samuel Joffe

Curantis by Ramon Medina

Death Sucks by Lena Cigleris

Dreamers by Jack Gorman

Feral by Matthew Phenix

Forgive Me Nothing by Sean Ryan

GIN-VERSE: "A Ginless Bar" by Francesco Capussela

Good Girls Weep in Silence by Krisztina Goda, Anett Kormos, Katarina Durica

Han by Esther Um

Her name is Goldie by Jennifer Tesler

Here She Comes by Jasmine Aziz

HONJO by Angelo Rocha

I am the Dragon King by Storm Choi

I Watched You Become Death by Jon Santana

Iced by Lauren Shook

Indigo Valley by Ashley Parker

International Incident by Johnny Fairchild, Jared Pettit

Izetta by Tamara Steren

Izetta by Tamara Steren

Just One Inch by Georgette Skolnick

KILL CASTRO by Adam Senior

Men Are From Venus by C. Pendergast

Mom by Jordan Champagne

Neon Kingdom by Alex Britten

NICARAGUA by Laurie Allen

Oberlin by J.P. Johnston

Ocotillo by Sarah Granger

Other People Ruin Everything by Danny Katz

Pearl and Chatham by Korey Jacobs

Pig & Bear by Tommy Heleringer

QUEENZ by Roosevelt Davis, Shira Zimbeck

Raze the Dead by Anthony Mormile

Saudade by Joshua Jihwang Oh

Scout's Honor by Cynthia Mersten

Serial Summer by Walter Quinn

Seven South by Sara Romeo-White


Show Up! by Jeanne Taylor

Soccer Moms by Danielle Koenig

Southpaw by Nora deLyra

Stitch by Fatima Litim

Strays, Gays & Holidays by Ashley Bower

Sugar by Kerri Quinn

Swiss Clean by Jim Wurst

The Adventures of Sock Man and The Tunnel of Doom by Melissa Sheridan, Amy Traurig

The Border Crossed by Alex Jiang

The Case of Amelia Price by Brady O Bryson

The Dark Gift by Sergio Pintore

The Lemonade Stand by Tony Patryn

The Link by MB Stevens

The Meeting Place by Stephanie Gaston

The PARC by Morgan Grice

The Reflections of Appletree Junction by Harvest Bellante

THE STORYTELLER by Antonio Sacre

THE UNICORN LOAN by Janine DeMaria

the very dedicated physician by Andrew M Volpe


Triple Crossing by Alan Douglas

Triple Crossing by Alan Douglas

Tryst by Maggie Lovitt

You Are Mine by Rebecca Connor

Spring 2023 Quarter Finalists

"The Halo Effect", Kim Kavin

$enior Care, Renata Elis Martins

A Bloodstained Noose, Christian Foley

A Daughter, Wading by Calais Bird

A Most Wicked Tale : A Horror Musical, Travis Nicholas Zariwny

ADAM AND TOM, Zeljka Zupanic

All Blood is Red, Richard A Levine

Bait, Jeremiah Granden

BARILOCHE, Claudia Cifuentes

Barlow Bierlow, David Kirkham

Be The Sun, Larry Silverberg

Beavertown, Peri Lapidus

Beholder, Amy Fruchtman

Beverly Hills Pharmacist, Griffith Lambert, Stacey Powells

Bipolar, William Rhodes

Black Jockey: Tales of a Legend, D'Jae Johnson

Bleak Oblivion, Christian Rousseau

Brett Was A Fuck, Keith Rubin

Cadet Andrea Wells, Casey Warfield

Canajoharie - "The Boiling Pot", Dean C. Cummings

Claws, Paws and a Blue Macaw, Theresa Giese

Colossus, Samuel Joffe

Connected, Steven Demmler

Cruise of the Amberjack, Evelyn Foster

Curantis, Ramon Medina

Damaged, Allison Lee Craft, Gerald Teaster

Dancing Beyond, Sarah Daly

Dead Shot Mary, Robert K. Benson

Death in the Family, Mandalyn Forbes

Death Sucks, Lena Cigleris

Demonica, John Austin

Demonico : Lazarus. (Pilot Episode), Donnell V Henry

Displacement, Toby Marks

Dreamers, Jack Gorman

Ethel & Sylvia, Phoebe Zimmerer

Feral, Matthew Phenix

Fernweh - The Ache for Distant Places, Rosemary Griggs

Finding Emmaus, Pamela S. K. Glasner

Fly Girls, Ann Frances Markel

Forgive Me Nothing, Sean Ryan

FREEDOM, CA by Jaime Kawamoto

FREIGHT, Emily Sheehan

GIN-VERSE: "A Ginless Bar", Francesco Capussela

Girls with History, Susannah Stengel

Going Green, Tea'a Taylor

Good Girls Weep in Silence by Krisztina Goda, Anett Kormos, Katarina Durica

Goofy Foot pilot, Richard Redlo

Gourmet Doughnuts, Ben Gaudette

Greetings From The Floodgates, Mary von Aue

Han, Esther Um

Head-On Bobby Rafferty, Larry Portzline

Her name is Goldie, Jennifer Tesler

Here Goes Nothing, Hanna Gerlander

Here She Comes, Jasmine Aziz

Hirado, Jennifer Wilton

HONJO, Angelo Rocha

How Soon Is Now?, Mia Holly Kim

Hyper/Space, Moon Molson

I am the Dragon King, Storm Choi

I Watched You Become Death, Jon Santana

Iced, Lauren Shook

Immaculate Deception, Amanda Gomez-Rivera

Indigo Valley, Ashley Parker

Infinity Care, Autumn Karen

International Incident, Johnny Fairchild, Jared Pettit

Izetta, Tamara Steren

Izetta, Tamara Steren

Jack Renton, Miroslav Bernatovic

Jeremy, Jonathan Turner Smith

Jimmy, Kent Moran

Just One Inch, Georgette Skolnick

KILL CASTRO, Adam Senior

Korean Shooter, Jimmy Prosser

Laurel Hollow, Melanie Flaherty

Level Up, Tara Guptill

Little Miracles, Carlos Perez

Lucky Penny, Laura Hamlet

Magnolias, Lenea Key

Man-Eater, Alex Knies

Maya of Brooklyn, Brittany Ramjattan

Maya of Brooklyn, Brittany Ramjattan

Men Are From Venus, C. Pendergast

Misha, Tabri Najib

Mom, Jordan Champagne

MVP, Sarah McGuire

Neon Kingdom, Alex Britten

NICARAGUA, Laurie Allen

No One Leaves Alive, Jeff Kallet

North to the Future, John Rischmiller

Oberlin, J.P. Johnston

Ocotillo, Sarah Granger


Other People Ruin Everything, Danny Katz

Outskirts, Peggy Green

Pearl and Chatham, Korey Jacobs

Phaedra's Odyssey, Julie A. Thornton

Pickled Tink, Carl Burcham

Pig & Bear, Tommy Heleringer

PSYCHIC SPY, Brus Messinger

QUEENZ by Roosevelt Davis, Shira Zimbeck

Raze the Dead, Anthony Mormile

REMEMBERING THE DAVID, Shirley Filardi Amitrano

Rest Stop, Ruth Simerly

Saudade, Joshua Jihwang Oh

Scout's Honor, Cynthia Mersten

Serial Summer, Walter Quinn

Seven South, Sara Romeo-White


Show Up!, Jeanne Taylor

Sideways for Attention, Brady O Bryson

So Far Away, So Near, Federico Casal

Soccer Moms, Danielle Koenig

Southpaw, Nora deLyra

Star-Crossed, Ren Bettencourt

Stitch, Fatima Litim

Strays, Gays & Holidays, Ashley Bower

Sugar, Kerri Quinn

Superstition, Jeremy St.Romain

Surviving Matters, Lawrence Terrill

SWINGMAN, Zeki Turgut Gezgez

Swiss Clean, Jim Wurst

Take My Life, Larry Collins

Taking Mona, Matthew Walsh

Thanksgiving, David Lombroso

The 22 (Short Screenplay), Amanda Gecewicz

The Adventures of Sock Man and The Tunnel of Doom, Melissa Sheridan & Amy Traurig

The Age of Light, Daniel Patton

The Border Crossed, Alex Jiang

The Case of Amelia Price, Brady O Bryson

The Dark Gift, Sergio Pintore

The First, Lindsay Kusiak

The Girl with the Devil Eyes, Toby Marks

The Hummingbird Trees (Diary of a Tree Girl), Andrea Koehle Jones

The Legend Of Eleanor Clark, Thomas Wood

The Lemonade Stand, Tony Patryn

The Link, MB Stevens

The Meeting Place, Stephanie Gaston

The Milky Way, Alexa Salimpour

The Modern Cristian Spinster's Guide to Love in the 21st Century, Vickery Ames Eckhoff

The Nightmare Man, D.E.S Collins

The PARC, Morgan Grice


The Quarter Queen, Kayla Hardy

The Reflections of Appletree Junction, Harvest Bellante

The Row, Gregory Caruso

The Smile of December, John (Jonathan) Vicich (Vickers)



the very dedicated physician, Andrew M Volpe

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes, Alison Reid & Richard Beattie


Ticket to Life, L. C. Anderson


Triple Crossing, Alan Douglas

Triple Crossing, Alan Douglas

Tryst, Maggie Lovitt

Twelve Navy Crosses, Paul Murdock

UNDYING LOVE, Bill Liggins

Until You Are Loved, Dashiell Finley

Venus Rising_, Nanci Gaglio

Visceral, Laurie S Reilly & Kristine Kreska

Vivienne Varlette, Demi Aspey

White Ghost, Nathan Liu

Who Are You, Nanu?, Anjini Taneja Azhar

Wild Animal, Scott Anthony Cavalheiro


Wonderama, Jack Mayer

Wrightsborough, Mahonri Stewart

You Are Mine, Rebecca Connor

Honorable Mentions

2020, Xi Ren

"A Place in the World" - TV Series Pilot, Michael J. Stern

"Betsy and the Emperor" (Pilot, limited TV series), Staton Rabin

"Eden: Where Love Wasn't Supposed To Be", Andrew Blake Doyle

#matched, Joey Perotti


A BLIND EYE, Alan Larson

A Nice Place to Visit, John Munn

A Step Too Far, Dave Osborne

A Wicked Game, Derrick Benton


Across The Pond, Salathiel LePrince Jones

ADA, Nora  Jaenicke

Adventures in Serial Killing, John Munn

All you know is fight, Ruben Low

Ambrosia, Shelley Mitchell

American Beauty, Kyle McKenna

American Onryo, Tom Cavanaugh

American Retail Feature Film, Carlotta Summers

Angels Don't Cry - Pilot - Cameron's Ghost, Wayne Nuessle

Anokhi, Rohini Jadhav

Another Day One, Clifton Robinson

Anthony Burns, Ariel Unser

Arya, Kavika Sharma

Barnstorming , Jay Ferraro

Bat Sh*t Debbie, Billy Abraham

Behind Locked Doors, Brandon Brawner

Best In The World, Marissa Sydnies Lessman

Best Life Ever, Tina Gandhi

Bingo 2.0, Justin Kagan

Bitter Harvest, John Munn

Black Mass, Ryan King

Blackland County, Josh Taylor

Bless, Drea Castro

Boiling Frogs, Casey Warfield

BON ACCORD AMY/BLY?, John Anthony Coyle

BOSS LADY...the Legend, Meshall  Shumate

Bot The Farm, Henry Sarwer-Foner

Broken Glass, Ronny Henry

Brooklyn, Kateryna Kurganska Gorbanov

Bubble, leslie danon

Bubble, leslie danon

Bubble, leslie danon

Burden, Dana Cropley

Burn The Man, Rachel Sledd

Caiaphas, Thomas McCone

Call Me Carl, Perri West

CALL ME DEBRA, Agustin S McCarthy, Melanie RW Oram

Can I?, Danielle Koenig

Canvas 31, Jared Doles

Carnegie's Call, Ryan J Skinner

Caroline and Me, Larry LeFever

Cat and the Trolls, Michael Amundsen

Catching Pure, Adam Tran

Cathedrals on the Warm Surface, Colin Dodds

Celestial 4, Juniper Jiana Johnson

Cellar Door, Sean Buttimer

Child's Play, Di Bei

Chips, Zee Zarbock

Choose Your Parents, Kayla Sun

Chthonic, Sean Buttimer

Chuck Or Zima Must Die, Johnny galvan 3

City at Night, Tommy McInnis

City of Brotherly Love, Keith Cunningham

City of Marble, Korey Jacobs

City Of Rats, Gavin McClenaghan

City on the Edge, Stephen Yaffe

CLONES, Richard Heard

Collision Course, Mike Cymanski

Colonial Lie, DC Lessoway

Coming up for air, Stefan Alexander

Cowgirl, Scott Mitchell Kelly

Crashing America, Katia Noyes



Crying Laughing Loving Lying, Nicole Lynn Cohen

Crystalview, Julie O'Hora

Cult Family Reunion, Lori Fischer

CURVED, Sagar Vasishtha

Cutterman, Edward Gadrix

Cyberpink® (New Half-Hour Pilot), P.A. Lopez

D.D.S- Drama of Dental Surgeon's, Steph Gallagher

Daniel White, Aleksa Andrić

Dark Return, Les Zig

Darkest Kelly, Catarina De Cèzanne

David Boder, Jason Ruscio

David Duke and the AAA, Xi Ren

Dead Reckoning, Francis John

Dead! In the Dressing Room!, Nathan Cowan

Dean's List, Brian W. Smith

Death Exhibition, Julie A. Thornton

Deborah The Prophetess of Tabor, Serita Mendelson Stevens

Deep Sleep, Jacqueline Alberto

DEEVA, Devi Dang

Demons, Judgement Day, Sean O'Neil

Der Beker - A gangster short in Yiddish, Ruben Levi

Desert Stars, Lucas Cabanillas

Devil Good, Goldie Jones

Devil Makes Three, Goldie Jones

Devil's Instrument, Frederik Ehrhardt

DEVIOUS, Martina Lisec

DICK, Omeed Boghraty

Dirty Pig, Michael Witkes

Disaster Man, Mark C. Spera

Do You Fear What I Fear?, Ervin Anderson

Do-Overs, Brad Christman

Dolos, Jude Mundt

Don't Run, Jesse Foy

Don't Say It, Sam Given

Donny and Dina go to a Wedding, Chris Mollica

Dorm Life, Brett Martin

Dostoevsky, David Ward

Double Exposure, Howard Goldberg

DOUGHBOY, Marcello Mottola, Scott Bell

Down and Under, Matthew Dixon

DR!LL, Jimmy Marble

Dr. Neves, Julia M. Sauder

Dragon Creme Brulee, Katie Haskins

Dumbbells, Steven Kaminsky

DUO-ART, Raymond DiCillo

Dust on Dirt, Adele Smaill

Eli's Coming, Louie Mandrapilias

ÉLUCIA' S GARDEN, Sarah Bertozzi

Emily Greene, J.M. Kallet

EMPTINESS, John Bolbot

En Tournant, Victoria DeMartin

Erika and the Good Fight, Laura Kelber

Everything is Fine - TV Pilot, Alex Vance

ExPand-Man, Cliff Ryan

Exposed, Alan Schwarz

F*ck You, Eva Everett Irving

Fab & Ren, A.J. Ciccotelli

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole, Julia Ploshinsky & Laurie Ashbourne

Falling In Love With Love, Jeffrey Massie

Farther Along, Blair Peyton

Fashion Apocalypse, Susan berman

Fashion Apocalypse, Susan berman

Faux, Graham Nelson

Film # 4, The life of Jacques Tati, Clara N Bijl

Film Fest Fodder: Opening Night, Jennifer Katz

Filmmaker, Jay Tremblay

Finesse, Adelita Lopez

Flad, Daniel Doczi

Flat Martha, Rosemary Lokhorst

Flower Girl, Samantha Montalvao Joia

Flower Power, Nicholas Erickson

Fools' Errand, Eric Sandefur

From Above, Ben Tedesco

Fuchsia Fox, Nilgoon Askari, James Leon

Furlong Fix, Alana Gerdes

Gemini, Alex Vickery-Howe

Gender Perfect, Brian wapole

Gentrifried, Max  Marcus

Gift Giver, Tony Lugo

Given, Glory Simon

Goblin Market, Brian Hugh O'Neill

God of the Woods, Kent Moran

Gods Demons and Other Things, Nick marciano

Gold Coast - Pilot, Cody Louis Cohen

Goodbye Stranger, Pete Ferriero

Goodnight, Gracie, Ryan Montanti

Grasswater, Chris Panella

Greenfield, Daniel Doczi

Growth Web Series - Pilot Script, Lisa Davey

H4, Wyatt Ong

Halloween Kisses, Veronica Cooper

Have Mercy, Jason Ruscio

HEAVEN HELP ME!, Serita Deborah Stevens

Her Voodoo Tattoo, Justin Stanley Ball

Hey Hun, Liz Galvao

High Performance, Jessica Wei

His & Hers, Raynard Gadson

Hit Me, Matt Greenberg

Hook, Victoria deMartin

Hooked, Melanie DuPuy

Hope On An Envelope, Jae Cheon

How 'Bout Them Cowboys, Sean Neumann

How Do You Spell Ransom?, Jonathan Isshak

How Nora & Emmett Got Married, Justin Linville

How To Save The World... Or So I Think, Shane Weiss


Hummingbird Island, Danielle Lauriente

I'll Be Doggone, Robert Cole

I'm sorry I missed you, Ethan Rogers

Imbalance, Dale Griffiths Stamos

Immortal Uprising, Lorenzo Diaz

Impaired Innocence, Chandra Gerson

In Gray We Trust, Judy Daghestani

In the Dark, Stefan Alexander

In the Eye of the Storm, William Young

In the Shadow of the Night, John Reoli

Infatuation, Vivian Liu

INFORMA, Rupert Cummings

Inheritance, Michael Smallwood

Injured, Megan Mazer

INTERIMS , Dean C Cummings

Internal Security, Stefan Alexander

Inversion, Bruce Fennell

INVERSUS, Gerald Schoelzel, Leonid Prymak

INVISIBLE, Shira Levin

Io, Jeff Rubino

Iris, Carrie Fishbane

Iron Phallus, Stephanie Kolar

It Happened in January, Luis Romero

Jackie, Holly, Candy & Craig (working title), Craig Highberger

JAGGY, Lovie Davis

Jazlyn's Sight, Debi Yazbeck

Jeremy, Yoni Erlich

Jesus as a Girl Pilot, Esther Grace Wyatt

Juniper Valley Boys, Thomas DiGiacinto

Just Jump !, Sarah SOILIHI

Knuckles, William Federal

La Parca, Miguel del Campo

La Pianista, Aidan Terre Moretti

Lafayette, "Freedom Fighter", Episode 1 - Pilot, Marshall Ferrin

LaFuneraire, Barbie Elias

Leave Us Where We Left It, Krista Gallagher

Legends Of The Broken Coin, Stuart Pollack

Let Me Sleep, Syd VanRoosendaal


Lights, Camera, Rock n’ Roll, Roy William Gardner

Like Chef, Tim Regan

Lillith, Will Nunziata


Lira's Angel, Tori Ichikowitz

Little Nibs, Eric Cotten

LIV & MEL, Jennifer Katz

Living Between, Damian Barray

Loch Awe, Stefan Alexander

Lockdown, Logan Davis

Look and See, Patrick Timpone

Look Inside, Vered Rodrigez & Kate Robards

LOST CONNECTION, Matthew L Brutsche


Love Me Tomorrow, Kent Moran

Love Me X 3, Erin Elizabeth Keefer

Loves Company, Jason Laurits

Lucid, Brian Schwab

Lucy the Lion, Natalin Avci

Luke and Emma and a Gas Station on Franklin Avenue, Levi Wilson

Lunar Relatives, Anna Ma

Lunar Surfers, Jonathan Wax

Lunch Club, Bailey Katherine Day, Mason Douglas Day

Lupe Q and the Galactic Earworms, Javier Badillo & Nat Marshik

Macbeth.......for the Second Millennium, Ivar Kants

MACHO, Francisco Solorzano

Madam Ching Pirate Queen - Pilot, Brad Farris


MALCOLM'S AXE, Robert Anthony Agard

MALLed, Janna Jones

Mars, Eva Everett Irving

MARUTA, Felix Halim

Mary-Lynn, Jay Tremblay

MAX AND MARIA, Rosalyn Rosen

Max and Mirra, Ruby Mainieri

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never., Tim Cairns

Meaderville, Bryce Berkowitz

Medicated, Sharon Kadosh

Medicated, Sharon Kadosh

Medicated, Angie McDowell

Mega Ants Attack, Aron Chaney

Mestengo, Theresa A Carey

Moment by Moment, Mel Pellicano

Monologue, Natalie Cerezo Campisi

Moonlight and Mayhem, LYNDA REISS, TARA TREMAINE

Morriss-he, Will Molnar

Mortality, Frank Spiro

Murder on Mars, Patrick McKinley

My Dad F*cks, Julia Linger

My White Family, Daniel Morris

Mystery Girl NYC, Linnea Sage

Natural, Martina Reese

Neath Port Talbot, Jesse Mattson

NEVER LET GO, Rosemary Griggs

Nevermore, Douglas Birdsell

New Matriarch, Caitlin Bitzegaio

Nightwatch: Orientation (Pilot), Jake Villadolid

Nimby, Gregory Ranky

NIMRODS, Caleb Dillon

Nine Tenths of The Law, Nick Gambino, Koura Linda

No Rules, Ashley Gianni

North Star, Joseph Vidal

Nothing To Be Done, Christopher Berghoff

Nothing Worth Watching, Mark Torlone

Numbered, George Eckel

O, Father, Briana Haynie

Off The Path, Richard Redlo

Old Bones - The Ivory Lee Tindall Story, Shannon Brady

Once and Future, Kylie Boersma

Once Upon A Time In War, Matthew Domenico


One week with Caroline Otero, David Hart

Open Wide, Claire Ayoub


ORCOSMIC, Roosevelt Davis

OSLO, Michael Winfield

Otherworld, NJ by Matthew McLachlan

Our Way Back, Krista Gallagher

Outcasts, Beck Bennion, Jess Faulstich

Overeager: Ms. McGregor, Jackie Jorgenson


Panama, Justin Lloyd-Williams

Papalotzin, Fernanda Cabarcos

Paradise 69, Ed Silva

Paradox City, Jim McCullough

PARDOU, lacy mcclory, Duane Mcclory

Pedigree, Maya Adam, Etan Muskat

Pending, Jennifer Rae Rapaport


Picture of Us, Devin Francis Roche

Pigcat, Steven Keith Bogart

Pine Mountain Devil, Steffany Sommers

Pirouette, Criss Gidas

Play, Rewind, Play it Again, Soroush Hosseini

Please Stand By, David Michael Sutera

Pleasing Vera, Terry Heyman

POPPY FIELDS, Mand Paskuski


Potential Terrors of Self Development, Clara Dubau

Power Couple, D'Jae Johnson

Power Out, Kem Joy Ukwu

Pray Like Angels, Fight Like Demons, Domingo Suarez

Pretty Boy, Kristine Peterson

Private, Sam Given

Proma, Jesse Gonzalez-Mineo

Prospero's Island, Pilot: "The Duke of Milan", Mahonri Stewart

Queen of the Night, Lauren Pruitt

Raise Iron, Stan Moroncini

Recompense, Dawson Howard

Red, Lucas Fernandez

Reformation, Stephen Morgan-MacKay

REKT, Carole Ryavec

Remember Them, Gregory Villareal

Renaissance, Andrew Allen

Rendition, Bailey Arcane



Ring A Ding Ding, Steven Fromewick

Rise, James Barrett

ROSEBUD, Kayla Hardy

Rough Cut, Mitchell Slan

Rumford, Nick Roth

Rune, Wesley Hopper

Running Through Revolution, Sarah K Rossmann

Rustic, Arlene Bogna

Sashimi, B Kelley

SCAMBURGER, Gerald Schoelzel, Leonid Prymak

Scarred, Jeanine Bartel

Seabrook, Alex Hanno

Second Chance Feature Screenplay, Darlene "Tina" Batten

Seeing Things, Liza Donnelly

SEOUL '88, Jennifer D'Angelo Kircher

Shadow Legacy, Matthew D Rhodes

Shadowboxing, Tsoanelo Rantsho, Logan Mitev

She Used to be Zoey Darling, Nathan Cowan

Shelter , Janna Jones

Short Change, Stephanie Holm

Sightless Bind , Ariel Lavi, Shira Hadar

Simon Son Of Star, Ronen Tregerman

Sister Georgette of Natzwiller, Brooke Martin

Six Words, Kim Kavin

Skin Deep, Dr. Darla Drendel

SKUNK, Derek Mari

Sleeper, Gavin McClenaghan

Sleepwakers, William Tilk

Sludge, Jen Butler

Small Businessmen, Chris Lueck

Smoke and Mirrors, Matt Curtsinger

Soccer Moms, Danielle Koenig

SOLICE, George Basiev

Songs of Fog and Light, Brian wapole

Soroban Impact, Gregory Ranky

South Side Story, Stan Moroncini

Southern Maneuver, Justin Rowe Tolliver

Space Invasion, John Naylor

Spade, Justin McManus

Spy Bros, Jared Pettit, Jason Felix

Stalky & Co., Nicole Lynn Cohen

Standby, Patrick Tierney

Starmaps, Arthur Vincie

Street Code, Lawrence Terrill

Stuck With You, Alexandra Mazzara

Study Abroad, Nick Grimes

Stupid Dead Boy, Alex Vickery-Howe

Suitable Replacement, Tom Tanno

Sunrise Creek, Syd VanRoosendaal

Superlame, Darren Moran

Survived By......., Ruth Simerly

Swank's!, Ed Bookman

SWISS GUARD, Alfred Thomas Catalfo


TAPPED OUT, Melody Herr

Ted Bunni, Carly Cylinder


Tempest Pilot Script, Mark Petersen, Dina Fox

Temple of the Tiki, Andrew Joustra

Tender, Trina Colon

Terror and Virtue, Ernest Pysher

The A, Pascal Vasselin

The Adolescence of Jack Nevens, Hilliard Meeks

The Agave Diary, Robert Borrego

The Anxious Place, Israa Al-Kamali

The Apiarist, James Liu

The Argonaut, Johnny  Chisholm

The Art of Launder, Alana Gerdes

The Athlete, Connor Austin Jones

The Baker (Working Title),Rosslyn Ruffin

The Baptizer, Alex Avila

The Battle at Castle Itter, Brett C.K. Bowker

The Battles of Birdtown, Christopher Shank

The Bickersons, Stacey Summers

The Big Dance, John Reilly

The Black Paganini Story, Elio Bernardo Ruiz

The Blossom: A Short Film, Shahnaz Mahmud

The Boroughs, Penny Jackson

The Butterflies In Our Hearts, Adam Cooper

The Buttons, Mehmet Guney

The Case For Santa, Colin James

The Case of Amelia Price, Brady O Bryson


The Cavaliere, Matthew Habibeh

The Chancer, Fiona Graham

The Charge Of Conception Island, Abbott Dodson

The Chosen, Sean O'Neil

The Colorful Life of Lilly Briggs, Leanna Woodley

The Complex, Ryan Matta

The Culebra Cut, Tony barone

The Cutting Room Floor, Victoria deMartin

The Damned Thing, Katherine Lichtas

The Darkest of Souls, D.E.S Collins

The Deployment, Michael Toscano

The Devil and Dick Gregory, Sean Slater

The Dinosaur Bowl, Herbert McCollom


The Embassy, Christopher Datta

The Escorts, Anthony Bertram

The Extraordinary Life of Angelina Mulberry, Matthew J. Beier

The Fall Winds, Tom Holowach

The father, Seyed sina Haji seyedi

The Fight Inside, Merridith Allen

The Final Cut, Giuseppe Cocca

The Gentlemen of Princeton, Brady O Bryson

THE GHOST HACKERS, Negassi Kassahun

The Girls Next Door, Nelson Alexander Isava

The Hazard Room, Mike Cymanski

The House That Crazy Built, Viviana Leo

The Hunt for Ezekiel Adams, Fred Kalmbach

The Idlers, Daniel Van Nostrand

The Immortality Business, James Liu

The Impala's Last Stand, David Woll

The Impure Season, Dan Brown

The Jungle, Mariel Gutierrez

The Jungle (Short), Mariel Gutierrez

The Lady in the Lake, Casey Warfield

The Legend of the Chow Chow Heroes: Origin Story, Jessica Chen

The Life of Cockroaches, Gillian Croft

The Life We Chose, Guilherme Viegas

The Little Vagabond, Heather Frederick & Hunter Frederick

The Long and Beautiful Destruction of Antonia Vazquez, J Rainsnow

The Loser's Club, Jonathan Turner Smith

The Magician, Edward Gadrix

The Makeshift Mother - Pilot  ("The Proxy Cure"),Marie Smalley

The Marauders, Marko Josic

The Mayor of Castlebridge, Philip Fenlon

The Misguided Gay Odyssey, Alexandra Walker

The Nexus, Jerry Gundersheimer

The November Plot, Stephen Huey

The Pirate Delivery Service, Nastassia Duval

The Playhouse, Curtis Medina

The Promised Letter, Alexander Yakobovich

The Real World of Money, Patrick Timpone


The Resurrectionists, Robert Uncles

The REVVER, Mike Hanson

The Ryan Express, Laura Doukas, Rachael Doukas

The Santa Claus Fairy Tale, Dominick tambasco

The Sea Dragon, Adam Sharp


The Secret Codex, Kevin Pike, Hans Sluijter

The Silence of Closing Doors, Nick Ronan

The Struggle is Reel, Jennifer Tomlin

The Struggle is Reel, Jennifer Tomlin

The Suicide of Michael Bradley , Brandon Scott DeLany

The Tavern, Mark Sarian

The Terrorist, Jeremy Hudson

The Titanomachy, Mikael Holcombe-Scali

The Unseen, Shiva Ramanathan

The Wanderer Pilot, Carlotta Summers

The War Unheard, Adam Sharp

The Way New Yorkers Do It, Jeanine Barone

The Winter Wolves, Mark Kelly

Theater Crawlers, Jeff Bassetti

THEM, Karl Richter

There's No Christmas Like Show Christmas, Taylor Coriell

This Joyless Place, Jay Villas Boas

This Takes Balls, Josh Whicker

This Time Tomorrow, Joshua Timpko

Thomas, Vito Ferraro

Three Manikins, Abass Abass

Three Ways to Harmony, Ian Pozzebon

Tiananmen, David Ward

TIGER & MAGPIE, Bernard Roux

Till Death Do Us Apart - Episode One: "The Cute Meet" (Pilot), Guil Parreiras

Title Fight, Michael Russell

Tom Paine, Hans Petersen

Touch of Fear, Marc Castaldo

Traders, Ewan Newbigging-Lister

TRASH QUEENS, Victoria Eugenia Bozo Bruzual

TRICE, Matt Foss

True Story of the Perfect 36, VERONICA R TABARES

Trustees & Overseers, Miriam Freund

Turf, Jack Gorman

Turkish Cigarette, Kaylan Pedine

Twelve Cherrywood, Christopher Murphy

Twelve Cherrywood Pilot Episode, Christopher Murphy

Twelve Miles West - Pilot, Husani Oakley

Two Fifth Down, Don Wallace

Under Construction, Maria Murdough

Under the Shadow, Jim Wurst

Unprepared, Steven Demmler

Until Nightfall, Lou Blackmon

VACUI, Adam Kirszner

Valiant, Charles Cordaro

Van 59, Brian Trotter

Verducci: The Museum on Mars, Veru Narula

Vinland Odyssey, Andrew Allen

Virtual Reality, Steven Hill

Wake the System, Micah Sloat

Warm Brothers, William Gorgensen

We have to get out of here!, Andrew Nisinson

Werewolf Apprentice, James Mike Albanese, Paul Paul Rose

Wet Specimens, Scott Norton

What Cheer, Karen Campion

What God Meant to Be Free, Amy Campione

What Liba Felt, Nik Perring

Whatfor Sheriff, James Charleston

When The Heart Wants, Alexis Sky

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Matthew Domenico

White Lies, Margaux Poupard

Who Killed William Desmond Taylor?, Nate Washburn

Who Let the Wallflowers Out?, Virginia Austin

Why are Demons so Ugly and Angels Not?, Patrick Kalish & Andres Garcia

Wildwater, Will Amato

Wildwood, Damon Fabbo

Witching Hour, Alex Vickery-Howe

Work/Life, Nicole Michaelis, Elizabeth Figenshu

Working Title (High School), Max Kemp

Wynnefield, Yvette Ganier

You Can Call Me Cookie, Kamaria Williams

You Work Here, David Perez

You-Dunit, Zach Mann

ZATO #44, Gianluca Salcuni

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