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Spring 2024
Honorable Mention


(in Alphabetical order)

"901" by Phillip Charles

"Betsy and the Emperor" by Staton Rabin

"2 The Death" by Jim Crabb

"3 Ways To Say I Love You In Danish" by Amelya Goldy

"A Dream of Death and Data" by Gillian O'Meagher

"A Penny and a Smile" by Samuel Harwood

"A Pirate and a Princess" (working title) by Mark Kelly

"A Sombre Solstice" by Jannik Ohlendieck

"Adventures in Serial Killing" by Jack Warner

"Ajnabiyeh Batoul" by Mourad

"ALIEN SAFARI" by Tom Firestone

"All That's Left" by Jeff Carr

"ALL ONE" by Maxwell Marcus

"Amelia Earhart" by Michael J Dunker

"ANGST" by Tommy Miller, Aaveen Marandi & Shane O'Shea

"Arguably Seconds" by Dominic Fawcett

"Back Fires" by Alex Blumberg

"Belonging" by Liz Fields

"Bet Jamison" by Anthony

"Billy" by Joshua Rose

"Biscayne Bay" by Paige Fries

"Boys" by Taylor Bartczak

"Braddock" by Gregory Caruso

"Breaking the Silence" by Seayoon Jeong & Sandra Philip

"BY THE LAKE" by Luke TangYuk

"Centre Court" by Justin Carter

"Chimera" - Pilot Script by Bobby Jordan

"Chinatown's Got Game: the Insanity of Jeremy Lin and MSG" by JULIE HUANG

"CIEN" by Rafael Carmona

"Claire and Marti Make a Pact" by Marci Dodds

"Cold Heat" by John McCloskey

"Convent Confidential" by Katherine Connor Duff


"Cost" by Oisín-Tomás Ó Raghallaigh

"Cult of Personalities"by Rob Nightingale

"DARK CURRENT" by Gwendolyn Hulet

"Death Hog" by Les Weiler & Nick More

"Desert Star News" by Robert Alan Haus

"Direct Action" by Tor Kristoffersen

"Downsized" by Anthony Miller & Vincent Veloso

"Dreams and Memories" by Parviz Saghizadeh

"Duplicate Girl" by J. Rainsnow

"Earth To Alex" by Gloria Cole

"ELEPHANT PATH" by Robert Wooldridge

"Emilie" (Pilot: Affectation) by Hope Hickli


"Exodus To Earth" by Jim Evry

"FAIR YOUTH" - Episode One "The Changeling"by Lawrence Wells

"Fellows" by Alexander Pettaras

"Finale" by Andrew Weaver



"Freeborn" by Shane Harbinson

"From Embers" by Kate Bohan

"Gaba" by Taylor Ghrist

"Galatea of the Spheres" by Steven Keith Bogart

"GASP" by Steph France

"Godfrey" by Ryan Love

"Good Evening, Marshall (Good Evening, Geraldine)" byJessica Mosher

"Habitable Planets" by Jenny Goddard-Garcia

"HAIGHT" by Mark Polish

"Harriet and Marv's Very Long Life" by Jeremy Musher

"HEART RACE" by Will Bermender

"HEIMRICH FARM" by Charles J Finesilver & Greg D Paxton

"Hexed" by Chase Hoffman

"Horse Girls" by Meg Ruocco

"House of Wu" by Kirtana Banskota & Andy Yang

"I Love This Country" (Short Screenplay) by Robert T Turfe & John Capone

"ILLEGAL ALIENS" by Andrew Bryan Smith

"Illuminata" by Jo Charnock

"In Lieu of Flowers" by Ryan Logsdon

"Into the Dark" by Lukas Hassel

"Jack and the Box Store" by Heidi L FitzGerald

"Jackie, Holly, Candy & Craig" by Craig Highberger

"Killswitch Engineer" by Brad Cooper

"KREATIVA Chronicles" by Alejandro Ivan Vilchis Palacios

"Lala, my redhead" by Nellie K, Deniz Nala

"LAST CALL" by Emily Winter

"Layup In A Lehenga" by Shruti Tewari

"Levi's Chalice" by Paul Pastore

"Lloydsville Nursing" by William Read Hopkins

"Love, Greed, and Economic Coups" by Owen Meinert

"Lucid Dreams" by Benjamin Neuberger

"MA BELLE" by Angelique Letizia

"Made with Love" by Emily Brubaker

"Making the Talibrand (The Musical)" by Alex Vaz

"Martial Classes" by Jackie Lee

"Marty & Lou" by Kelsey Romo

"Messenger Dogs" by Clark Ransom

"Moonlight in Tuscany" by KATE FITZROY

"Moonscope" by David Hunter Fein

"Motherkiller" by Terry Lynam

"MOTHERS" by Christina Macaulay

"MUCK" by Rachel Coomes

"My Favorite Narcissist" by Diane Thomassin & Michael Miceli

"Off The Path" by Cassie Bouchard

"Old Growth" by Komette Elgee


"Only a Mother"

"Ostrich Boy" by Rodmon Sevilla & Ricardo Bonisoli

"Outbreak" by Rachel Rosenstein

"Over And Over" by Nik Perring

"Overtaken" by Events,VJ Maury

"Parentification" by Narciestel Perez Regina

"PAT PRICE" by Cory Wexler Grant

"Period" by Katherine Olson

"Podiums" by Marina Charalambides

"Popcorn and Julio" by DALE TRUJILLO

"Provenance" by Mallory McGill & Howard March

"Radio" by Jennifer Downes

"RESTORING NORALIE" by Julie Dillemuth

"Riddle" by Shiva Ramanathan

"Room 57"

"Saigu" by Jimmy Waltrip

"Savage Gumshoe" by J.C. Wolf

"Searching for Satoshi: The Genesis Block" by AJ Cunder

"Shattered Dreams" (The Leslie Vass Story) by Daphne Matthews & Michael Williams

"She's Not There" by Jacob Staudenmaier

"SHUTTLECOCK" by Tapan Sharma

"Side Work" by Nico Correa

"Sleeping Tigers" by Lee Kemper

"Sleepless Beauty" by Cheryl Lodovico

"Slugs" by Mark Kauffman

"Snake Island" by Michael J Dunker

"Solipsism" by Day Meyer

"Spirit of Darkness" by Richard Gann

"Spirit of Darkness" V2 by Richard Gann

"Stacey" by Steve Hanisch

"Stocktonian Exchange - Kill Your Spirits" by Hannah Rose Vernot

"Sugar Baby" by Rakesh Baruah

"Sun Is Coming?" by Saeid Ghasemi

"Sunnyside Gardens" by Jose Casado

"Sweet Thang" by Edward Gadrix

"Taking Mona" by Matthew Walsh

"Teacher's Pet" by Mark Wakely

"Tear Drop" by Mike McDonald

"The Bridge Troll" by Jason William Lee

"The Buddhist Bet" by Leslie Mancillas

"The Chain: Francisco Pizarro" by Diane Johnson

"The City Called Murder" by Owen Meinert

"The Commentator" by William Dixon

"The Dad Joke" by Joe Bor

"The Deplorable Offices of the Illuminati" by Jason Wolf

"The Dinosaur Bowl" by Herbert McCollom Jr.

"THE DOMINO EFFECT" by Romuald Boulanger

"The Funny Farm" by Robert Ward

"The Glorious ones of DD-593" by DALE TRUJILLO

"THE HOUSE OF TANG" by Lisa Iannini

"The Infinity Thieves" by TK Sheffield

"The Judas Apocalypse" by Dan McNeil

"The King of Kansas City" by Christopher Loveland

"The Modern Age" by Max Kemp

"The Music Scrooge" by Jim Evry

"The Other Harry" by Katie Kerr

"The Oxford Journal" by Leanna Woodley

"The Prince of Paris" by H. Ascension

" The Retreat" by Robert McEveety

"The Second Take" by Elaina Crockett

"THE SEX LIFE OF THE MANTIS" by Frank  P. Tomasulo

"The Siren of Myrtles Cove" by Vibhu Mocherla

"The Strange Affair of the Elevator" by Katy Regnery

"The Vintage" by Scott Perry

"The Waiting Room"

"The White Fence" by Claudia Dato

"There Goes the Gayborhood" by Larry Collins

"Thou Love Thee" by Sasha Presseisen

"Thursday At TeeSee's" by Vincent Apollo

"Tolyn To Be" by Sasha Presseisen

"Twange.e." by Thorsen

"Underwood" by Theresa Giese

"Venor" by Matt Nye

"Veronica's Curse" by Luis A Colon

"Vintrospection" by Lisa Nagy Isaacson

"VIRAGO" by Abigail Bloom

"WALK THIS WAY" by Penny Jackson

"Welcome To Silvertown" by Joseph Bevilacqua

"What You Deserve" by Juan Calix

"Whiskey Ambitions" by Benjamin Neuberger

"Widows" by Katie Fahey

"Wildfire's Determination" by Michael Angel Johnson

"Without Mercy" by Rogelio Pineiro

"WITSEC" by Isabel Lieser

"World War Z: An Oral History of the War" by Nickolas Stark

"Wrights borough" by Mahonri Stewart

"Xibalba" by Ethan Avery Weiner & Matthew David Weiner

"YIELD" by Ned Farr

"Zero Point Girl" by Rob Hammond

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