Big apple film festival screenplay competition

(winter edition)

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  • Winners in each of the Screenplay Competition categories will be announced and promoted through VARIETY, one of the industries leading trade publications, subscribed to by leading producers, production companies and studios, including Universal, Fox, Warner Brothers and more.

  • Screenplay competition winners will receive the opportunity to pitch their script to production companies, agents and other industry representatives through Virtual PitchFest, including NBC Universal, Warner Bros., UTA, The Gersh Agency, and many more.


  • Feature length screenplay winners will also receive an InkTip Script Listing to promote themselves and their scripts to InkTip’s entire network of producers, managers, and agents. Companies who are InkTip members include: ABC, Anonymous Content, APA, CBS Films, HBO Films, ICM, Paradigm, Paramount Pictures, Hallmark Channel, FX, Universal, WME, Echo Lake, Zero Gravity, Bad Robot, 20th Century Fox, and many more. Producers have made more than 350 films from scripts and writers found through InkTip.


All the King Wishes by A. Richalee

Luana by Danielle R. Erlich

Alexa Pops Up by Rylan Rafferty

California by Adam Seidel

Of Patriots and Tyrants by Aaron Silverman

Morpho by Craig Winstead

The Sensualist - A Woman in Black 

by Suzanne Griffin

The Chocolate Kandinsky 

by Suzanne Griffin

Seldon Seen by Peter R Feuchtwanger

Mad Hatter by Andrew Rajan

Eyewash by Divina Doveyo

The Bracken Witch by Viv Fongenie

The Venus Syndrome by Lynn Vincentnathan

80mg by Joe Osborne

The Wrong Candidate Pilot by John Ravitz

First, Last and Security by Pamela Gray

Vin and Jill by Christopher Vallario

and Grace Foster

The Jews of Kaifeng by Paulo Cohen-Myers

My Land, My Nile  by Maria Abdelrahman

Carry On by JD Dorfman

Capsized by Scott Corbett

Payroll by Dennis Williams

Becky is Our God by Tulica Singh

Will That Be All? by Chad Hylton

Serial Killers Anonymous by Robert Forsberg

The Expats by Jessica Marshall

Chelsea Troubles by John Donovan

Trinity by Adam Fidler

The Apparition by Matthew Walsh

They Went On by Anthony Gilmore and Drew McCoy

BillyBall by Charles Petrilla

Jon by Jaye Starkes

Gemini Pilot - "Never Lie, Never Tell" by Marcos André

Beyond the Wall by Mary Elizabeth Morse

Alex Down Under by Sara Anne Mitchell

Fontana by Ian Feldman

Arthur Kill  by Debby Huvaere

Snarl Revolution by Mark C. Spera

Revolution by Timothy Porter

Satanic Panic by Josh Krebs

Just A Moment by Robert Mangrum

BLOOD/WATER by Nathan Hoffman

Grandma's Little Angel by Joseph Bessette

A Spectacular Boy by Scott Boxenbaum

Copperland by EILA ALGOOD

Chance and Circumstance by Patrick Lescarbeau

The Ace of Spades by Lawrence Whitener

Last of the Gnostics by Don Durrett

Electable by Liann Kaye

Dead Inside by Zach Lufkin

Galápagos by Lukas Hassel

Cedars of God by Scott Cahill

Kirby by Ken Schwab

Don't Listen by Brad Ryba

Insects and the city by Scott Warwick

Skin and Bone by Blythe Beard-Kitowski

Buttercup by John Murphy

AKASHI-あかし- by Mayumi Yoshida

Missing Damascus by Tanju Ozdemir

FREEDOM RIDES by Natasha Lewin

I Ain't Going to Hell by Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

Richer Than a White Man  by Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

Dark Matter by David Robinette

Da Vinci Rising by Alessandro Chille

It's a Dog's Life by Steve Brown

HUNTING DIANA by Stephen Montagne

Princess Coyote by Johanna Falzone


The Ugliest Man In Pictures by Ken Krauss

Surgeon Hong by Paul Gross

MissFortune by Juliana Barcia

Undying by Andrew Cooper

Fiendish by Mark Boutros

What Ever Happened To Jonny Faith by Benjamin Pollack

Shadows of Venus by Kevin Emerson

Day of the White Rabbit

by Elizabeth Tabish

Bahar, Born At Night by Michael Bina

W.SMITH by Sophie Hexter

Embargo by Carole Ryavec

Mid Summer Madness by Brian Reed

Cosmic Dancer by Emily O'Brien

Mary, Dispossessed by Kristy Walsh


​TRANSFERENCE by Mark C. Spera (Best Feature Screenplay)

ROADRUNNER by Josh Madden(Best Short Script)
JERSEY RICAN by Ashlei Hardenburg (Best TV/Web Series Pilot Script)
PAUL & VIRGINIA by Clemy Clarke (Best Women's Screenplay)
AFTER HEBDEN by David Kirkham (Best LGBTQ Screenplay)
FIELD TRIP by Claudio Martinez-Valle (Best Horror Feature Screenplay)
MI CARINO by Christian Jacob Ramon (Best Horror Short Script)
TODD AND LOVETT by Heidi Bordogna (Best Horror TV/Web Series Pilot Script)


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