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Fall 2023 Honorable Mention


Screenplays (in Alaphabetical order)


"A Good Day Will Come" by Amir Zargara

"A Place in the World" Rev. 8-1-23 by Michael J. Stern

"THE ORDER OF THE KA†by Wes Fisher

#TheSpookiestChallengeEver by Pablo Julián Jaimes

(I'll Never Find) Another You by Michael Alan Elliott

13B by Hollye Karina Swinehart

'97 by Sarah Ward

A Christmas Favor by Teleah Moore

A Miners Canary by Diana Adriana Johanna van Wijngaarden

A Very Bad Divorce by Niles Welikson

A.K.A. by Mia Brigette ReDavid

Agent of Change by Barry Steven Kohl

Alpha Chase by Chuck Gordon

Amateur Hour (Pilot) by Marina Baldwin, Karista Baldwin

Banished: The Story of a Great Injustice by Cody McDevitt

Barbed Fences by Haithem Badrani

Big Elf by Robert Rishi Maffia

BLAZE by ?

Blue Hour by Esther Um

Both by Stewart M. Schulman

Bounce by Chris Manydeeds

Brooklyn Country by Wayne Nuessle

BSMT by Annette S Evans

Burds by Patricia Fuller, Elaine Brett

Caught in the Crossfire by Lisa Bonaccorso

Chuy by Hawken Vance

Cleansing Acts by ?

Cohetes by Drew Saplin, Samantha Bennett

Cornerstone by Chris Arnold

D.O.T. by Scott Perry

David Duke and the AAA by Xi Ren

DEMONCODE by Corey Jason Trahan

Devotion by Leon McConnell

Discretion by Ryan Satterfeal

Divine Intervention by Anthony Bertram

Dog Park by Harold Taw

Eddie on the Scrap Heap by Marc Littman

Eight Walls Two Doors by Miaochun Zhang

Enough by Madi Delk

F***boys by Adam Sandel

Fading Connections by Stephanie Gould

Family by Victor David Caballero

FIRST BASE by Heberth "Hebby" Rojas

Five Orcs by Kevin Ryan

FLOW by Wendy Bird Womack
For Everyone, Everything by Patrick Ross
For Those We Love and Cherish by Sheldon Jay Kaplan
Forbidden Acts of Mercy by Joaquin Alejandro
FREE SAMPLES by Wadler Georges
From Cage to Couch by Lisa Bonaccorso, Kristin Hollister Wood
Genealogy by Jon Lance Bacon
Gimme Shelter Part Three by Kevin Oâ€TMNeal AKA Dave Davidson
Grave Expectations by Larry Michael Ziegelman, Jason Silberberg
Greedy Bliss by Sue Karypidis
Guileful Grievance by David Eves
Heals by ?
Heartless by Diamond A Batiste, Leonard Langford
Heroes, Just For One Day (Breaking Thick Ice) by Salvatore Riggio
Holy Rollers by Katee Cook Forbis
Homeless Girl by Nannette Sandy
I Feel Normal - screenplay by Lily Rachel Wellington
I'm Fine by Tahnee Nordegg
In the Shadow of the Night by ?
Island of Criminals by Ricardo Matias
Jamal by Maurizio Lai, Janet Rosario Poma Hurtado
Journey Into Night by Usher Morgan, Chris Neilan
JUNE ROSE: An American Chronicle by Kathryn Machi
Kalytera (Full Length) by Theo Teris, Austin Harleson
Kill Me Now by Lila Dupree
La Fleur by Mary Paige Snell, Michelle Marlowe
Law and Deceit Pilot 61 Pages by Chandra Gerson
LEGACY by Danny Latrenta
Let Her Go by Melissa Sheridan, Amy Traurig
Letters From Moses by Isaiah Kye Diaz-Mays
Like Him by Brian McGrath
Lu & Cricket by Joey Kudla, Ricky Sanchez
MALINALLI by Isaac Gracia
Manongs by Mariel Madrid, Keone Madrid
Mat-Leave by Tamara Lee Green
me6 by Laurel Aarsvold
Me'n Gus by Leslie Flannery
Mr. Shakespeare's Plays by Christena Ann Alcorn
Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington by Justin Appleton
Never Let Go by Raven Petretti-Stamper
Nobody's Heroes by Michael Alan Elliott
Obsession by Jason Andrew White
Oh Come, All Ye by Hawken Vance
One Fell Swoop by Jannik Ohlendieck
One Good Catch by Lenea Key
ONE HOT MESS by Patricia Bruce

Our Family Design by Robert Richard Long II
OUR FINEST HOUR by Jonathan Turner Smith
Outside the Lines by Deborah Serra
Paradise, Roscommon by Adam Butler
PAUSERS by Liz Samuel
Pilot - Group Therapy by Jaycee J. Brill
POLLITO by Dave Ragsdale, Anthony Guilianti
Project Title by Writers
Psychopathic Killers by ?
PURO by Kevin Overton, Frederic Poag
Red World by Kris Hall
Reflections by Manuel Freedman, Screenplay writer
Reign of Blood - One Hour Dramatic Serial by Peter Mellado
Revenge of the Servants of the Gods by Judy Elizabeth Brulo
Rodeo Joe by Darren Geare, Jeff Allen Geare
RWD by Gonzalo David Chavez, Marcelo Salazar, Victoria Valladares
Safe Word byHaley Biggins
Salem Aftermath by Tom Phillips
Samantha & The Fisherman's Dream (screenplay) by HT
Second Chance by Lisa Peng, Todd Lien
Seeing Red by Jai Mathew McGaw
Sevenish Sisters by Melinda Cat Mansell
Shane and Ivy - We're Eloping to Vegas by Sandra R. Gregory
Shiawase by Kelly Murray
Silent Cries by ?
Six by Six by Georgia Lee Well, John Chimo Arnold
Smoke by ?
Solipsism by Duncan B Putney
Sorcerers of Suburbia by Geoffrey Prather
Sorelle by Alex Doty
Spyder: One Man's Quest for the "Little Bastard" by Brett Howard Nelson
Swim Flam by Liza Wyles
TBD - Christmas Movie Screenplay by Jewell R Powell
The Adagio by Gerald C Wood
The Annexation of Life by Dustin David Brenton, James David Brenton
The Black Pearl by Sue Karypidis
The Cottages by Erin Elizabeth Keefer
The Eyes Of Dora Maar by Jeff Clark
The Family Recipe by Karl Ryan Erikson
The Final Broadcast by Mitchell Brown
The Fruitlanders by Laurie Rivlin Heller
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Steven Howard
THE HANEYS by patrick r norris
The Hollow Earth by Kenneth James
THE KISS OF THE GORGON by Despina Moraitou Politzi

The Last Shogun of North Philly by Kevin Overton
The Letters by Michael Angel Johnson
The Light Under The Door by Robert LoBianco
The Live-Ins by Nikoleta Jani, Jamie M. Elliot
The Matter of Mr. Miller by Tamara Lee Green
The Measure of She by Karen Dee Carpenter
THE MEEK by Dusty Noval
The Noisy Picture by Dale Kearney
The Prompt by Laurie S Reilly
The Senior Year by Bill Liggins
The Shadow Falls by Clay Callender
The Shoot by Lisa Gorlitsky, Sarah Kornfeld
The Special by Andrew David Myerson
The Stars Above by Max Rose
The Sway by ?
The Time Traveling Beach Bum by Bryan Suarez
The Truth and Nothing But by Oscar Ballyvolane
The Twelve Brothers by Jacqueline A. Blackwell, Rachael N. Blackwell
The Wounds Time Didn't Heal by Brande Chantell Clark
There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays by Christina Babinsack
Thunder Ripper - Pilot by ?
Tombs by Marie Clements
Two Kinds of People by Thomas Pace
Uncle Payback by Daniel Bodenmann
Unforeseen Christmas by Sophie von Rheden
Viral Town Heroes by Brock Brenner
VOICES by Janine Pecenkova
Walburga by Andie Bottrell
Weekend in New England by Tonya Walker
Where's Catherine by Maria Creedon
Who Rescued Who? by Sean Henning
Willa by Elizabeth Myer, Melanie Coffey
wime-5G pilot episode and last episode to spinoff series by Patricia Anne Hayes
Winona by Rebecca Lamure
Without Roots by Melanie Hope Lang
Working Tacoma by Rod Tipton
Wrath by Martin White II
Yrrem Samtsirhc From Mars by Naomi B Lisner
Ziggy and Rachel by Michael Rispoli, Gregg Greenberg




Screenplays (in Alaphabetical order)


"BLACK RANGER" by Staton Rabin
"The Girl From Krakow" by Staton Rabin
7 1/2 Minutes by Taylor Curry
A Fatal Fortune by Stephen M. Levinson
A Hole by Noah Wolf
A Late Victorian Holocaust by Stefan Alexander
A long road ahead by Bernhard Riedhammer
A Manhattan Exorcism by Sam Ellison
A Very Bad Divorce by Niles Welikson
Abductive Reasoning by Frank Rovella
Abstract Faces by Dimitrios Aletras
An Interlaken Affair by Georgette Skolnick
An Undead Christmas by Christian Gonzales
Artisans of Time by Akasha Rose
Bearcats by Monica Foley
Behind Locked Doors by Brandon Brawner
Beneath The Underdog by S. Wilbur Frazier
bingo by Chris reinhard
Bitter Harvest by Jack Warner
BLACKBURN: "Dead Work" by Kathryn Smith
BLEEDTHROUGH by Tammy Klembith
Body Electric by Hugo Lasalle
Bookshop Bootleg by Alana Gerdes
Boricua by tony barone
Brides and Goddesses by Yasmeen Alkooheji
Brighty by Stephen Burleigh
BROKEN PEOPLE by John Scimeca
Burro by Hannah Lerner

BUSY BEING BORN by chaim aaronson
By The People by Thomas Marrier
Carnage Avenue by Matt Curtsinger
Cassandra by J Rainsnow
CELESTE by George Brighton
Centurions by Sally Stubbs
Chasing Love by Rebecca Glazer
Cheese Sticks by Ellis Carrington
Cherished by Mitch Moldofsky
Christmas Can't Wait by Natalia Chown
Cleaver (CLVR) by Frederick Moore
Closing Costs by Dominick Bagnato
Collapsed Vincent Bain
Crossing the Red Line by Dan Fried
Crown Of Thorns by Sarah Mellas
DEAD MOTHERS by David Harbold
Demons by Laura Kenner
Diary of a Goon by Chris Cochran
DIGNITY by Dean Poynor
Doctor Azsaul by Lachlan Pirie
Dog Person by Jeanee Ledoux
Dorm Life by Brett Martin
Drawing Blood by Zachary Tirgan
EM1LY by Antony Finn
EMDR by Justin Cutrer
End Times by Nico Grelli
Enmity by Matthew Kunkel
Everyone Has Problems by Sam Lazarus
Evicted from the Whale by Randy Steinhauser
Expeditious by Gene Lembrick Jr

F*cked Up World by Alexa Salimpour
Fairview by Mia Volta
Far From Home by Rachel Eskin Fisher
FELONY VEGAS by John Montgomery
Fent Carla by Alleyne
Fifteen Divide by Ramona Taylor
Flipped by Justin Alicastro
Flywheel - Pilot Episode by Scott Anthony Cavalheiro
For the Sake of a Girl by Cecelia Farrah
Forensics by Katie L
Fraternal Order by Javon Dixon
From The Hamptons To Harlem by Peter J. Fox
GASLIT by Dana Barney
Gemini World by Matthew Kelcourse
George's World by Tania Luna
Glamping Gone Wild by Sasha Gary
Gold Digger by Rachel Hutchings
H.P. Lovecraft's Tales Of Terror by Samuel Ezra Fisch
HALF LIGHT by Susan Ferrara
Havaiia by Kol Havaiia
HEARTRACE by Will Bermender
HESSE by Jill Bayor
Hotel California by Chris Jones
How Do I Live? by Jeffrey Kum
Human Element by Dariusz Kraszewski
Human Shell by Norman Littlejohn
I Feel Your Pain by Charlotte Dean
I'm Not into Golden Showers! by Joe Ayella
Ice Cream by Kayla Champion
IDunno (Pilot Ep. "Exit Stage Right") by Angela Anvil
In the Eye of the Storm by William Young

In With the Storm by Cara Marshall
Into The Ether by Steve Brown
Jackie, Holly, Candy & Craig (working title) by Craig Highberger
Jellybean by Stephen Vanderpool
Jesus One Stop by Frederik Ehrhardt
Left in Pieces by Rebecca Glazer Greene
Like You Stole It by Stacey Russell
Liminal by Sarah Jones
Lost Dogs by Christine Boyer
Lucid by Syd Hyder
Mad Bad Dangerous to Know by Leonora Pitts
Mannies "Ep. 1: Humble Beginnings" by Dylan S. Wallach
Mattress-cide by Michael Johnston
Metro by Ross Simanteris
Missing the Point by Link York
Motherland by Chantal Barton
Mr. Pleasure by Nicole Kemper
Mutiny In The Dugout by Rod Kent
My Friend Satan by Brett Martin
My Other Half by D. Kevin Hunter
My So Desi Life by Sanngeeta Macko
Neat Freak by Christopher Glass
Need More Time by Jeff Wilcox
Never Say Always by Karen Campion
Nocturne by Lindsay Wyath
Occupational Hazards by Laura Medeiros
Oh, You Poor Thing by John Nugent
One Hit Wonderland by Jack Caswell
ONE MORE MOVE by Etienne Labuschagne
ONE NIGHT ONLY by Michelle Marie Jacquot

Otherworld, NJ by Matthew McLachlan
OUR HOUSE by David Lesser
Out of Fashion by Alex Barnett
Over the Hill by Laura Kemp
Panama by Justin Lloyd-Williams
Paper Birds by DW Ardern
PARIS - ZONE A by Jean-Michel Fages
Pay Dirt by Catherine Rios
Pen Pal by Niles Welikson
Perfect Vision by Matt Curtsinger
Praise by Megan Hayes
Rani by David Harry Rowlands
Red House by Vi Trang
REMEDY by Joe Favalaro
Richard Spong by TERRY PODNAR
Rockpaw by Nora Delyra
Rothstein by Wynn Rose
Sacrificial Lambs by Georgette Skolnick
Sad Vacation by Adam Simmel
Safe Space by eminence Lendo
Sanity Road by Eric Victor Kelso
Shallow End by María de la Cruz Rudloff
SHINE by Catherine Gouge
Shoot from the Hip by James Barrett
SHORTSTOP by Howard Emanuel
SLAY by Rebecca Hu
Sleepless In Beantown by Riley Donovan
Sombra by Reid McGlamery
Someone is Going to Die for No Reason by Steven Demmler
Son of Africa by George Tarr

Sorcerers of Suburbia by Geoffrey Prather
Sparrows by Karen Campion
Stargazer by Dana Hawthorne
Steam by Kim Kavin
Stick Straight by Tara Rosenblum
Stop Loss by Ramona Taylor
Sukunya by Ricardo Thompson
SUNBEAMS by Christopher Thomas
Sunnier Climes by Mia Volta
Surviving the Band by Vincenzo Lucciola
TEST THIS!! by Gregory Corrado
The Air Cassandra Breathes by Phil Vengrinovich
The Amends by Amanda Cole
The Bartender by Cara Reinard
The Beat by Mya Baker
The Bender Girls by Rachel Leighson
THE BOOKER by Tiffani M. Davis
The Capital Mall by Eric Jaimes
The Charge Of Conception Island by Abbott Dodson
THE CHILDREN EATERS by Robert Wooldridge
The Chötgör by Max Rissman
The Connection Pilot by David Wimsett
The Conservationist Paradox by Dee Castillo
The Cycle by Josh Snyder
The Damage Controlman by Manda K Skelton
The Elaine Riot by Richard Wormser
The Fountain by Link York
The Gifting by Nick Perry
The God Of Meat by Marko Pandza
The Good Sport by J.T. Levy
The Great Balgair by Faith Dismuke

The Handoff by Ariel Palin
THE HOLD by Cedric Petitcollin
The Judas Apocalypse by Dan McNeil
The Last City by Roger Sankerdial
The Light in Your Eyes by Emma Zetterberg
The Marionette by Daniel Owen McGrath
The Morrisfield Misfits and The Sword of Fate by Jack Warner
The Panic (of 1907) by Willie Kalema
The Persuaders by Ben Johnson
The Pilgrimage by Christian Maxwell
The Rainy Season by John Nugent
The Real Isis by J Rainsnow
The Senator from Rhode Island by Alice Camp
The Strongman by Todd Jones
The Unearthly Tales of Isabella by Carrie Fishbane
The Votary by Seth Nolan
The War Jeep / What do deserts drink when they're thirsty? by Marko Josic
The Washbournes Pilot Part One by John Rodriguez
The Wickedest Woman in New York by Camille Gladney
The Zeroes by Kyle Kramer
These Things Happen by Juliya Grigoryan
This Is A Nightmare by Maggie Smith
This is really getting out of hand by Jonny Rae-Evans
This Wonderful Life (The Jimmy Stewart biopic) by Sam Juergens
Those Who Can't Do by Anna Blum
Title by Writer 1 Name

To the Fireflies by Kerri Gawryn

Toxic by Hilary Schwartz
Transplant by Tala Calil
Trench Town by Ricardo Thompson
Trigger Objects by Nik Perring
Tryouts by Jonny Rae-Evans
TWENTY7 by Calum James
Two Kgs of Marmalade by Megan Mazer
TYPHOID MARY by Rachel Ward
Uncharted (The non-Swiss adventures

of the families Robinson) by Mere Walton
Unsubscribed by Laina Stassines
Untitled FC by Chris McGowan
VANILLA by John Darbonne
Vessel by Sean Mogridge
Violet's Code by Julian Paulsen
VOICELESS by Max Rissman
Waterball by Anthony Colombini
We Are Poor and Violent by Michael Sarrow
Welcome to America Weiyang by Liu
When The Heart Wants by Alexis Sky
Woman's Work by Erin Beute
Yellow by Andrew Sego
York - A Television Pilot by Tony Silva
Zero Point Girl by Rob Hammond


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