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Spring 2024


(in Alphabetical order)

"79" by George Brown

"Be Bold!" by Ruby Mainieri

"Bear Frat" by Will Moro

"Betty and the Blitz" by Mark A Pritchard

"Blue Butterfly" by Tingfeng Zhu

"Body Brokers" by Gisella Bustillos

"Clairvoyant" by Willem Bosch & Zeynep Dulger

"Confederate Ghosts" by Robert Sherwin & Christopher Sewall Williams

"Data" by Stuart Alan Pollack

"Ellis" by Natalie Schwan

"Happy Home" by Zackary Centrella

"I AM" by Phillip Charles

"Jinn and the Art of Spellmaking" by Hayley Shucker

"Just Right" by Camille Wormser & Hunter Milano

"Kid Soldier"

"Life with Lia" by Milan-Devi LaBrey & Emmy Bowen

"Love & Detroit"

"Lucy Lopez Sells Her House" by Kylie Murphy

"Night Of The Living Decorations" by Steffany Sommers

"No Place Like Home" by Giuseppe Cocca

"Official Report" by Adam Hersh

"Once Upon a Time on Mars" by Abhishek Singh

"Point Arena" by Lance Dumais, Gerard Roxburgh & Urijah Faber

"SIGNS OF LIFE" by Joseph millson

"Soiled Dove" by Leslie-Ann Coles

"Stormheart" by Meshal Alsaleem


"The Age of the Empath" by Steve Brown

"The Bentley Boys" by Barry Lewis

"The Untitled "High School Kids Break Into Ikea and the Employees Start Killing Them" by Sydney Tracey & Michael Dunker

"The Wild Hunt" by Francesca Florentyna O'Hop

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