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Fall 2023 Quarter Finalists


Screenplays (in Alaphabetical order)


Adventures in Serial Killing by Jack Warner

Andy & Me by Julia Pearlstein

BLOOD QUEENS by Ronald Glass

Brooklyn Country by Wayne Nuessle

Count Zero by Christian Maxwell

Dommes by Ruby Mainieri

Don't Touch Me by Ervin Anderson

Empress by Josephine by Wynn Rose

export-12 Exposed by Natalie G. Bergman

Gal Pals by Miriam Sachs

Her Lover by Elizabeth Stuelke

Hey There, DJ by Ed McCarthy

It's Just My Mom by Ryan Cunningham

Loose Teeth by Roman Amento

Marnie by Michael Berner

Morlock by Anthony Povah

My Real Imaginary Friends by Kyle Rizor

Powder Keg by John McPhaul III

Protocol One by Geoffrey Colo

RUBY RIDGE by Lawrence Kane

Rule Of Law by Eric Johnson

Siberia by Jeff Hindenach

Summer Games by Dan Fried

Terror and Virtue by Ernest Pysher

The Adventures of JD by Gabriela S. Rodriguez

The Apothecary's Apprentice by Carly Silverman

The Mark by Carol Lewis

The Overturning Moment by Tom Holowach


Three Lakes by Barbara Gilmore


Upstaged by Jacob Rosenbaum

VIPs by Jenna Larson

We Always Kill The Ones We Love by Kate Surinskaya

When The Heart Wants by Alexis Sky

Women Come To Judgement by Nate Bynum

D.O.T. by Scott Perry

2020 by Xi Ren




Screenplays (in Alaphabetical order)



"It's An Italian Thing. No, It's a Black Thing!" by Fran Sisco

#DONT by Mike Talplacido

3 Ways To Say I Love You In Danish by Amelya Goldy

A Broad's Way by Charles F. Copeland

A Chinese Vampire Story by ?

A Lost Lady by Holly Swenson

A Siren's Sweet Whisper by Fred G Stemme

Again by Katarzyna Claudia Muller

Ashes to Dust by Clark Childers

Assisting an Idiot by Jamie Hanson

B-Town Blues by Divit Jozef

Back to Dust by Attila Iacob Peli

Beginnings by Michael Ryan Galada

Bender by Victor Paul Hayek

Billy & Kick by Sheena Lambert

Billy Buys A Horse by Sid Kramer

Black Sunday by Katreana Bellew

Brand New Ballgame by Ana Auther, Nan McNamara

Bred to Kill by Karl Ryan Erikson

Buck Hunter in Manhattan by Shelby Reynolds

Bud Appetit by ?

Bumblefuck by Lindsay Heiman

Buried by Jasmin Prophete

Cancelled? by Thomas L. Ferguson

Car BnB by ?

CLOSER TO FINE (Big Apple) by Marisa Forrest

Cold by Greg Poppa, Sugey Cruz

Cosima by Sheena Lambert

Cuckoo, Cuckoo [feature version] by Terry Lynam

Double Jesus by Allison Volk

End Of Discussion by Richard Redlo

Fight or Flight by Ashley Bower

 Fishing With Elvis by Markham James Gentile

Frederick Douglass Official by J.D. Hughes, Latifa Hughes

Freeze by Alexandra Lundy Dell

From Cage to Couch by Lisa Bonaccorso, Kristin Hollister Wood

Happy World by Nick Eagles, Brandon Shell

Hard Twisted by Charles Greaves

Hattie's House by Dewane Alexander

He's Just A Boy by Melanie Sovran Wolfe

ILLARI OF THE ANDES by Giulie Speziani

IN THE OLIVE GROVE by Rosa Vetrano

indian medium by Tapan Sharma

Ladyboy Blues by ?

Long Beach Island by Edson McClellan

Love and War in the Eternal City by Leonardo Amedeo Pappano

Love Less Likely by David Liban

Mason by Kevin Waite

Melvin by Jeremiah Nemeth

Merrow by Alexander Seltzer

My Hero by Alex Forstenhausler, Eric Lee

NOT AN EXIT by Sid Kramer

Olvidado by d. b. Roderick

Pale Darkness by Adrian Roman

Prey For The Night by Tim Day

Proud Mary by Mary Conroy

Putting Love On The Menu by Lance Dumais, Andrew McGivern

REKT by Carole Ryavec

Revival by Abby Selden

Room In Hell by Gary F Cergol

Rooted by Destinee Monét

SCENT of MARIGOLD by Lily Malm, Laila Matuk

Screwed sp, a comedy of manners in word and song by Israela Margalit, Oran Eldor

Shake Dog Shake by Chas Chang

She’s Been Here by Maria Katre Osler

Sibling Games by Harris Gurny

Somebody Loved by ?

STANTON & ANTHONY by Helise Nancy Stamos

Sylvia by ?


THE BOOKER by Tiffani M. Davis, Michelangelo Missoni

The Bus Driver by FRANK P MANCUSO

The Carols at Christmas by Scott Michael Branan

The Chance by Shann Mann

The Devil Herself by Luke Wijayasinha-Gray

The Devil Pulls the Strings by J. W. Zarek

The Director by Marissa Raine Carlin

The Everest Game by ?

The Jesus Nut by John Prather

The Kilby Murders by Stuart Alan Pollack

The Light At The End by Lynda Simmons

The Pickleball Killer by Jim Carroll

The Signal by Raymond Wallace, Laura Roklicer, Jay Masai

The Way Through by Ian Stout

The Winged Centaur by Eddie James

The Witch Hunter's Wife by Alex Forstenhausler

The World Is Blind by Jeff Stacy

TINU by Nirali Shastri

Two Harbors Pilot by Brian Lange Stemmler

Two Little Letters That Will Change Your Life by Amy Janine Nigro

What Remains by Adam Branson

Where I Belong by STEWART J THOMAS

While Owls Sleep by N. Batchelder

Ya Li Shanda Jewish Xmas by Lisa Scott, Alan J. Field

Yankee Bwoy by Ricardo Sean Thompson


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