2021 spring EDITION


The Black Marble Prison - by Marinos Koulis

go-LOVE-go - by John A. Griffin

Black Swan - by Donna Pizzi and Philip Clayton-Thompson

Butterflies - by Steve Driffin

La Ultima Muñeca - by Ty Ross

Sawtooth - by Catriona Mitchel

Saints and Poets - by Richard LaPorta

The Night Witches - by Steven John Prowse

Blowback - by Eric Murphy

Le Bon Chef - by Sue Lange and Tracy Schott

The Sundance Kid Pilot - by Aidan Singer

High Def Nine - by Jon Kestner


Death of a Nightingale - by Annika Pampel

Rising Descent - by Catherine D'Agostino

Christmas Spirits - by Robert Pranga

Junior Varsity - by Krista Gallagher

Bona Vacantia - by Shezah Salaam

Gotham Ghouls - by Franck Benayoun

A Mostly Magnificent Memoir - by Bo Bennett

Pawn - by Christopher Salmieri

DOG PERSON - by James Palombo

Out of My Comfort Zone - by Ivy Vale

The Fallout - by Dominic Flanagan

A Chanukah Story - by Isaac Platisky

A Son’s Gift - by Michele Bell

I Hate This Place - by Clem Darling

Heaven Schmevin - by Jim Norman

TO THE MOON - by Michael Dukakis

Corked - by Lori Shockey and Janet Dryer

The Lesson - by Vincent Scuro

Holy Ground - by Brooke Burns

SECRETS UNKEPT - by Joseph DiFrancesco

Doctor Detective - by Emilio Santin

Goin' Home - by Lori Vander Maten

Total Witches - by Christine Lawless

Indian Summer - by Madhu Powar Garg

Only Boy in New York - by Robyn Gudgell

Air Kiss - by Bio Florenza

Marionette - by Jack Davis and Meg Ardyn

Grace in the Clutch - by Addie Talbott

Level - by Tony Pana

The Legend of Lizzy Flynn - by Paul Awad and Katahryn O' Sullivan

Mr. Midnight - by Marc Phillip Reynoso, David Charles Dukellis

Crassus - by Alexander Devereaux

Reset Button - by Paul Root

Dogs - by Jake Fallon

Grounded - by M.D. Tylikie

Just By Chance - by Antoinette Fernandez

Taxi King - by Giovanni Pugliese

Night Nurse - by Laura Mitchell and Danielle Evans

The Grimoire - by Ryne Vyles

Motor Inn - by Michael Hurley

The Rising Of Dawn And Her Vampire Crew-Greed - by Brian Painter and Kim Benson

Charade of a Fly - by M.C. Bavenci

I Hate Cindy Lovelet - by Paul Anthony Surdi

Nine Lives - by Patricia Serrano Thungsuaporn

The Perfect Miss - by Scott Huebscher

The House on Park Place - by Debra Karr

Tokyo in NYC  - by Nathalie Kane

The Lady of Anboto - by JMR Serrato

Gunther's Cavern - by Edward Etzkorn

At The Flash - by Sean Chandler and David Leeper

Seen,Not Heard - by Britany McComis and Amy Elmore

TRAPPED IN PLAIN SIGHT (aka THE PUZZLE) - by Tammy Kelmbith and George Klembith

Mary Rose  - by Giovanni Scifo and Mauro Marsili

The Soul Singer - by Nadine Weathersby

The Moron - by Kevin J. Howard

Jia Ren (Family) - by J.A. Knight

She’s Perfect - by Sheldon Maddox

Lady of the East River - by Nicholas Scafidi, Katerina Olkhovaya

The StarPeople: Our Evolution - by Kelly LaCombe

Weigh In - by Rudy Bamenga

NASH - by Jean-Claude Thebaut

$1.52 - by Jayme Coveliers

The Way Home - by Ewa Stanckiewitz

Those We Meet In The Dark - by Emma Lindsay , Katelyn Sordo, Audrey Latino, David Buckley

RINSE - by Ezekiel Walker

BFFs Never Say Die - by K. Jennifer Ilagan

SODOMLAND - by Uriel Emil, Lea Aini 

Days Matter - by Yuchen Huang

Pendulum - by Edie Casille

Blindsided - by Aminah Salaam

Three Roads To Oaxaca - by Evan Gaustad

God's Architect - by Roberta Pacino

Back The Way She Came - by Vanessa Csordas-Jenkins


Night Time - by Rachel Hutchings

Good Little Troublemakers: How Children Saved the Civil Rights Movement - by Pat Shelby

Sauce Girl - by Stefanie Gray

PARALLEL - by Stefanie Gray

Calls To Virginia - by Justin Ruscio

Jumpman - by Alex Jorge Pickering

Sorky - by Paula Aguilera

School of Life - by Robert A. Douglas

"Those Who Know" - by Steven Smith

Quantum - by Brian Meade

The Accidental Activist - by Dorothy Kozak Snoke

Scavengers - by Emily Gadsby

Heroin/e - by Oliver Canavan

Girlfriend - by Justin Davi

IMERINA - by Nadine Ghoury

To Secrets - by Melissa Monts

#Us - by Jessica Leventhal

LIMELIGHT - by Elena Diaz

Bloodhound - by Danny Katz

Mind Punch - by Sander Gusinow

Lawman - by Dennis Smith

Creatures Down Below - by Brian Herschkowitz

Eden's Flower - by Marcelo Rabelo

Save Our Souls! - by Ruby Mainieri

Mourning Glory - by Katie Frorer

Still Waters - by Jeff Hindenach

Soul Deer - by David Mintzer

The Last Prophet - by Christopher Celestin

Adoration - by Michael Harwood

Conceptions. The Wizard of Harley street. - by Ellen Ring

The Quilt Keeper's Son - by Debra Gipson

The Half - by Allen Kelly


Weekend at Bernie's III - by Craig Douglas Miller

65 and Gay - by Eric Pou


The Fabric of Nature - by Phil Vengrinovich

The Dog  - by Kate Harpootlian

Desired  - by Kate Harpootlian

Staycation - by Sundae Juhant Osborn

Cured - by Calvin Perez

WABANAKI BLUES: Messin' With the Kid - by Melissa Zobel

Homestead - by Bernhard Pucher

The Ties That Bind - by Haley Dercher

Dentata - by Jothiandan Shakthi

BUCKET LIST BOY - by Dan Davis

Hall of Presidents - by Louis Ferrante

Argos - by Ellen Shanley

Recollection - by Bobby Browning

Under The Windowsill - by Audrey Kurtz

Half Measure - by Melissa Ragsly

THE LATE BUTTERFLY - by Josephine Carden

Real Housewives Slasher Project - by Sydney Painter

Cavalier - by Sydney Painter

GLORIA! - by Caitlin Elizabeth Sammons

Scuppernongs - by Lynne Ashe

The Gravedigger - by Lyndal R. Simpson

Lady in the Woods - by Tracy Mason

Negative Space - by David Kelly

Sing Along With the World Stops Time - by Leah Huss

Jack & Kara - by Jeff Allen

Squat! - by Bo Bennett

Eat The Rich - by Judah Ray


Gospel According to Admin - by Grace Fetterman

A MATTER OF TIME - by Nuh Omar

Tinseltown - by Morgan Evans 

The Code of Hammurabi - by James Lindenberg

Lost Children - by Kristopher Tabori

Higher - by Courtney Smith

Jungle King - by Robert J. Morgalo

Dead Man With A Plan - by Joel Stern

Squat! - by Bo Bennett

Queen of Time - by Sebastian St. George

Trinity Mortuary - by Geoff Harris

Dream Life - War of Angels - by Jo Lynch-Lawrenson

Clips - by Bill Hartin 

IF YOU KNEW SUSIE07 - by Jo Andrews

LEFT HOOKS - by Tony Kolega

Joshua's Exceptional Pheromones - by Nili Rain Segal

Underbelly - by Sally Stubbs

My Week With Dillinger - by Dan Gleason

"The Pulpit" - by Tosin Morhunfola

Untitled Penpal Project - by Haley Daniels

The Show - by Patrick McGrath

WALLS&BALLS - by Ken Klein

Love You More - by Michelle Adams

Chasing Susanna - by Jennifer Giacalone

The Ghosts of Patriot Park - by Jack Calk

The Anonymous Gracie Banks - by M.D. Walton

Temp - by Barry Gibbs

Princess Lily - by Patricia Lai

LOVE AARP Style - by Jo Andrews

Quarantine Broil - by Robert Homer Mollohan

Sell Out - by Lee Stein

Becoming Hillburns - by Joshua Laufer

O Cannibal - by Ilana Gordon

THE SEA HAS TURNED TO YOGURT - by Demitrious Tsolous

American Fallout - by Harry Kakastakis

Jason and the Silent Knight - by Eric Sandefur

Drag Queen Ninjas - by Michael Van Patten

The Medicine Line - by Todd McCauley

By Jocelyn Bell - by Jordan Randolph


A Christmas Recital - by Ian Baaske

Chorus Boy - by Tommar Wilson

Lifeblood - by Tommar Wilson

Canusa Street - by Zack Morrison

Sentient - by Demitry Yurovsky


Long Run to Hotel California - by Ashley Dacek

Heartbeat of Harlem - by Derek Adams

Come Softly - by TC Smith

Pigeoni's Pizza - by Michael Tannenbaum

Out of My Comfort Zone - by Ivy Vale

SONNY - by Victoria Finlay

Afterlife - by Carolyn Elsey

The Rest is Silence - by Aayushi A. Shah

Passed - by Imani Powers

Persephone Pan - by Heidi Heyward

The Hiding - by Christian Hearn

Dead Flo and Flower Girl - by Bryan Kelsey

Other Half - by Emily Lerer

Saving Grace - by Mary Francis Schneider

The Titanomachy - by Mikail Holcomb-Scali

Dearg Due - The Red Thirst - by Anthony Mariani

Berkeley - by Jay Tipierneni

Goodbye Homeboy - by Debra Devi

KALEIDOSCOPE - by Daryll Wimberly

Antonia Allways - Who is Merlin? - by Gordon Phipps

Calamity Jen - by Geoffrey Scheer

Argyle - by Keir Beck, Georgie Greens,

Soul Whisperer - by Regine Respeut

Shrinking Violet - by Dennis Murphy

Grass Snakes - by Danny Katz

When We Lost the Battle - by Vanessa Schaeffer

Five Thousand Years - by Jim Grieco

Of Ash and Ice - by Dori Ann Wright

Despondence - by Adrion Trajillo

Boxed Wine - by Gregory Caruso

At The Displeasure Of The President - by Brian Cohen

Road To Mayhem - by Sushruth Shetty

Sucking In the Seventies - by Bob Cousins

The Hobby Horse Kid - by David A. Gregory

DOT - by Ashish Choudhary

Flicker - by Peter Gamber

Body of Scars - by Michael Stein

Do-Over - by Karen T. Hartline

Shooting - by Nathan Cabaniss

Claire's War - by Halle McGowan

To Lead A Different Life - by Benjamin Seay

Situation Normal... - by Maryt Martinez

How I paid for college - by Brendon Fehre

Senior Moment - by Robert Mangrum

The Making of a Mystery - by Christine Keleny-Craven

GOD-SHAPED HOLE - by Robert Skollar

A CHEEKY FAMILY - by David H. Navarro


COMMANDER 84   - by Robert Skollar

Pigpen - by Maud Ferrari

NUPTIALITY 101  - by Robert Skollar

The Patsy - by Martin Bernard Foley

Booze Hounds - by John Cicco

Slaves to the Rhythm - by Terry Connell

The Anklebiter - by Andy Jones

We Turn Away - by Karyn Peyton

East Side Story 129 - by William Swanson

Queen of Newburgh - by Lisa Cole

GODS OF CAMPUS - by Christopher Kelley

The Ruins of Heaven - by Coleman Luck

Our Harlem - by Michael Slomen

The Viciouses - by Adam Simmel

NORAH'S ARK - by Deb Medkser

The Purple Heart Battalion - by Steven Migdoll

Corner Market of Insanity - by Adam Rapp

Alice, Everywhere - by Winda Mei

Coffee Date - by Nathan Martin 

Project Eradicate - by Arthur Glenn

The Two Rivers - by John Gronbeck-Tedesco

Baby Bobbits - by Robert Spence

MORRIS - by Robert Spence

Dooley - by Quinn Hopkins

Improper Dosage - by Adam McDaniel

BAD HABITS - by Grace Shaffer

The Long Way Back - by Tori Hartshorn

The Track - by Margaret LeBron

PROJECT FOG - by Adva Reichman

Alien Football Hero - by Joel Karlinsky

Pipsqueak's Adventures "Pilot: The Giant Egg" - by Heidi Segal

Bipolar - by Adam Rapp

It Came From Within - by Steven Pierce

Warlock - by Robert Koester

Capeless Shade - by James Sweeney

Dream Life - War of Angels - by Jo Lynch-Lawrenson

Growl - by Samantha Brennan

Brock Wilbur: Adventure Pig - by Lukas Bridge

All Alone - by Jorge Barboza

In the Storm - by Vanita Borwankar

LOBSTER ISLAND - by Chris Willis

Dead Planet - by Audrey McPherson

MUDVILLE - by Matt Penn

Potty Mouth - by Marita De Lara

The Colorful Life of Lilly Briggs - by Leanna Woodley

The Christmas Patisserie - by Leanna Woodley

I Don't Know - by Arthur Tiesky

Foresight - by Jon Lance Bacon

Just A Fly - by Stephen Bodossian

Adult Adolescent  - by Persia White

Musgrave - by Sean Patrick Higgins

A Rabia - by Alberto Díaz López, Ángela Andrada Gómez

Affliction - by Laurie Fielder

HALF-ASSED - by Tracie Laymon

Zetz - by Merlin Goldman

Man of Another Age - by David Warren

True Zeal - by Caroline Ulwick

Forkful - by Joseph Izzo, Joseph Mangelli

Ravening Wolf  - by Jason Wakeland

MOURN - by DW Medoff

A Christmas Without Snow - by Robert Cox

Last Stop Tokyo - by Nancee Lafayette

The Story of Malic - by Jay Starkes

A FAMILY'S AFFAIRS - TV PILOT - by Lance Barnett

Guardian - by Jess Gupta

Dagger-Script - by Will Chase

GUTENBERG - "An Accurate Quest"  - by Donna Hall

Back in Business - by Jim Norman

Revenge  - by Devrone Corley

Two Sisters - by Francesca Van Horne

Chasing Love - by Diane Foronda and Calvin Benson

MONTGOMERY POE - by Peter Noel

Bastard III - by Tony Schweikle

Go Home - by Sohrab Homi Fracis, Allan Marcil

Central Park - by Isaiah Francis

Uncle Dick's Fortune - by Jesse Liila

An Hour 20 - by Ricky Glover, Randall Talton

Guillotine - by Revered Kyle Love

Refuge Nation - by Brigitte Timmerman

Namesake - by Amy Berryman

SINder - by Danielle Erlich

The Symbiosis 2 - by Gunslei Ohron

Grief - by Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo

The Lost Animals of Mount Hope - by Madeleine Aimee

Victorious Red - by Immanuel Baldwin, Mitchell Toler, Emily Robyn Clark , Anna Ebell

Seeds on Mars - Volume One - by Alison Glasser

CONFLUENCE - by Joel Thrasymachus Dahl

Templin Highway - by William Prosser

Neo-Noir - by Sarkis Yahkness

Carry Me - by Alison Bartlett

Life Sucks - by Anthony Marinelli

Surrealistic Playmates - by Peter Hoffmann

Wild Bill and Lulee - by Jill Elaine Hughes

Steeltown Gangsters - by Mina Rosefield

The Roots Run Deep - by Christopher Strong

SHUNNED - by Donnalyn Vojta, Donnalyn, Vojta, Donnalyn Vojta

Pepper In The Wind - by K. Dixon Ludlow, TJ Johnson

Three Equinoxes - by John Currence

Dollar Slice - by Wadler Georges

MIDDAY BLACK MIDNIGHT BLUE - by Samantha Soule and Daniel Talbott

WALLS&BALLS - by Kenneth Klein and Irwin Hahn

Getting Inside - by Ched Lohr

Rose Bud - by Steven Fox

Inversion - by Suzy Stein, Fernando Perez

Happy New Year - by Iris May, Leia Vogelle

Into The Sun - by Jason Coronado

Killing the Second Dog - by Jerzy Kowynia

Serial - by Robert Benjamin

Revenge of the Rodent - by Patricia Serrano Chungsathaporn

No Weddings & A Funeral - by Patricia Serrano Chungsathaporn

Forgetting Skyler Donovan - by Alejandro Espinoza and Michel Benton

A Love Story - by John Hancock

The Celestial Highway - by Kevin J. Howard

DECEPTION OF THE LOTUS - by Stevion Austin

The Corner of Willow and Orange - by Jason Murgatroyd

Tree Line - by Jordan Watson and Alexander Callow

The Hidden Garden - by Sean Guerrero

In Public - by Rich Levine

Clone - by Adi Rotem

Leatherman - by Charles Haskins

Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era - by Chertania Hein

Gross National Happiness - by Kristin Steinmetz

Taming Holden Caulfield - by Virginia Austin

The Music Video Murders - by Jeff Edmond

The Brooklyn Boyz - by Tom Cavanaugh

Necropolis - by Caledonia Hanson

Leapers - by SherLann D. Moore

Joe Plant - by Hanna Strauss

Mulberry Bend - by Nicholas Scafidi

The Back End - by Daniel Gessler and Kyle Campbell

The Epigones Club  - by John McCloskey

Over and Out - by Callie LeClaire

Sarah Startup - by Gregg Greenberg, Christopher Kublan

The Moonlight in July - by Sean Hinds

The Carrier - by Todd A. Restler

Another 15 Minutes - by Rudy Bamenga

Luo Shente - by Robert A. Braunstein

Operation Firefly - by Liane Young

Young Joan - by Charlotte Sheppard

How To America - by Sonya Soani

The Lies We Tell Ourselves - by Courtney Froemming

Bentobox - by Victoria Hirakawa-Lee Castro

Birdie & Faye - by Cha Cha Da Vinci

1972 - by Sue Lange

Save Me. Grace. - by Sean Hinds

The Footage - by Patryk Wezowski, Kasia Wezowski

Serenade of the Vulture - By Joseph Dionisio

Mortal Coil - by Connor Rietly

A Second Short - by Patrick McGrath

Lost But Not Forgotten - by Jason Sedlar

Failure to Adapt - by Yerani del Orbe 

Hiccups  - by Michael Evans 

SUCCESS EN TU LIFE - by Isabel Custer

Katana - by Obu Opekfa

Mighty Has Fallen - by Graem Keeton

Shado-World - by Laura Mitchell 

Milton Falls - by Jason Murgatroyd

Disordered - by Hannah Boone

No Place Is Home - by Dina Laura