FALL 2022

Agents and Managers Conference


Filmmakers and screenwriters currently seeking representation will have the opportunity to receive advice, strategies and feedback on how to acquire an agent or manager, pitching your project, writing effective query letters, targeting the right agent or manager for your film or screenplay


Film Distribution Summit


You have completed your feature, short or streaming series, but not sure the best way to get it out to the world? This conference will provide insight from established distributors on what specifically a film distributor can do for your film project,  how to identify the right distribution model for your film project, which distributors would be the best fit for you, how various distribution models and distribution companies differ from one another and how to market and pitch your project to distributors using outlets such as film festivals, film markets, sales agents, and social media.


Meet the Showrunners


If you are interested in developing and creating a streaming and/or TV series, networking with showrunners and understanding their role is a critical part of the process. This conference will introduce participants to showrunners who are currently managing one or more series. Our speakers will provide insight and answer questions for emerging series creators, and assist in providing career advice and guidance.  


Casting Summit


Emerging filmmakers, producers and screenwriters often ask how they can attach celebrity talent to their project. Which cast members are attached to a script or completed film is often one of the first questions asked by film financiers, producers, studio executives and distributors. In this conference, casting directors and experienced filmmakers and producers will share strategies on how to attach the right “marketable” talent to your project, including contacting a talent’s agent or manager, pitching directly to talent, utilizing social media and working with casting directors.


Directors Conference


Learn and interact with experienced directors on the process of making a successful film or series. From the development stage through casting, production, post production and film festivals. In these conferences, participants will hear the various steps involved, including challenges, obstacles and ultimately success stories. 


Screenwriters Conference


Learn and interact with experienced screenwriters, who have written for film, streaming series and TV. Participants will hear how these writers started their careers, how they acquired their first agent or manager, and ultimately how they sold or optioned their first screenplay. Speakers will also provide career advice, strategies and feedback to emerging screenwriters


Producers Conference


Learn and interact with experienced producers on the process of developing and producting a successful film or series. Learn the role of the producers, from the development stage through casting, financing, production, post production, marketing, film festivals and distribution. In these conferences, participants will hear the various steps involved, including challenges, obstacles and ultimately success stories. 


Creating and Selling a Streaming Series


Streaming series have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. In this conference our guest speakers will provide valuable information on how to write, finance, cast, produce and market your very own streaming series. They will also discuss current audience trends, what various streaming platforms are currently looking for, how streaming platforms determine which series they will pick up, and how to market and license your series to the right platform. 


Sales Agents Conference


Sales agents often play a critical role in the sale and distribution of a completed film or series. These representatives will attend film markets, such as AFM, Berlin and more to sell or license a film or series to domestic and international distribution outlets. They often have valuable connections to distributors, streaming networks, PR agencies and additional industry representatives that assist in moving your film and career forward. In this conference participants will hear directly from sales agents on valuable strategies they can implement when marketing their film, and how to pitch and query the right sales agents for your project.