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Alumni Success

Updated: Jan 17

Throughout the years, Big Apple Film Festival is proud to have presented a wide range of critically acclaimed films, supported a long list of accomplished writers through our screenplay competition and welcomed countless special guests.


  • "Sweetwater"(Distributed by Universal Pictures, Hulu, Amazon), starring Emmy Award and Golden Globe Winner Jeremy Piven, Everett Osborne, Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss, SAG Award winner Kevin Pollak

  • "Amerikatsi" (Armenian selection for 96th Academy Awards, Best International Feature Category, released theatrically in NYC and LA)

  • "The Shepherd" (shortlisted for the 96th Academy Awards, Short Film Live Action Category, distributed by Disney+), starring Ben Radcliffe, Academy Award nominee John Travolta, directed by BAFTA nominee Iain Softley, produced by Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuaron

  • "The One Note Man" (shortlisted for the 96th Academy Awards, Short Film Live Action Category)

  • "Bones of Crows"(Writers Guild of Canada Award nominee, Canadian Screen Awards nominee, theatrical distribution Elevation Pictures)

  • "Exile" starring Critics Choice nominee and Golden Globe Award nominee Adam Beach (Apple TV, Vudu)

  • "Sleep Study", distributed by Hulu, directed by Independent Spirit Award nominated producer Natalie Metzger (Sony Pictures "It Ain't Over", IFC's "Werewolves Within", SXSW Grand Jury Award winner "Thunder Road", Sundance darling "Greener Grass", MGM/Orion’s "The Wolf of Snow Hollow"

  • "Shadow Brother Sunday" starring Alden Ehrenreich (Oppenheimer, Cocaine Bear, Solo: A Star Wars Story), Nick Robinson (Jurassic World, Netflix's Maid, Love Simon, Native Son), Lisa Edelstein (Bravo's Girlfriends Guide to Divorce), executive produced by Frances Ford Coppola)

  • If Anything Happens I Love You" (NETFLIX), Academy Award winner, Best Short Animation Film

  • Edith+Eddie(Academy Award nominee, Best Documentary Short Subject)

  • Feeling Through (Academy Award nominee, short film category)


  • ​​Shia LaBeouf (SAG Award, People's Choice Award and Independent Spirit Award nominee)

  • ​Ron Friedman (Emmy nominee and WGA Award winner)

  • Kent Moran (Feature films have been released by Warner Brothers, Netflix, Showtime, Paramount+, Starz, Apple, Hulu, Amazon, Hallmark, Lifetime, LMN, Regal Cinemas)

  • Geoffrey Colo(Worked in development at Universal, followed by producer roles including 8 seasons of House M.D. and 6 years of Marvel TV dramas, earning him an Emmy nomination, 2 PGA nominations and 2 Webby awards)

  • Harris Gurny (Producer, "Coup!" starring Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Peter Sarsgaard, "The God Committee", starring Emmy Award winner Kelsey Grammer, Golden Globe and SAG Award nominee Julia Stiles and Emmy Award winner Colman Domingo)

  • Alex Forstenhausler (optioned screenwriter, Finalist Fox Comedy Pilot Competition)

  • Lindsay Heiman (showrunner's assistant, credits include “CONAN”, Warner Bros., “VEEP” Paramount, “INSECURE” HBO, “THE SEX LIVES OF COLLEGE GIRLS” HBO Max, "THE GIRLS ON THE BUS" and "MORE," both premiering on HBO Max)

  • Sheena Lambert (Author, "The Lake", published by HarperCollins, optioned TV projects in various stages of development, represented by Blake Friedmann Agency in London)

  • Thomas L. Ferguson (writer, "Forgotten" starring Tom Sizemore, available on Amazon, Tubi, Roku)

  • Rosemary Griggs (2x Quarter Finalist, award winning author, published by Fence Publishing)

  • Larry Collins (Emmy Award Winner, NBCUniversal/Peacock Network)

  • Jyllian Gunther (Emmy Award winner, producer for NBC, ABC, A&E),

  • Henry Sarwer-Foner (Directors Guild of Canada Award nominee),

  • Daniel Talbott (writer ABC's "The Conners", "The Mist" produced by The Weinstein Company and Spike TV),

  • Michael Vaynberg (writer/director Cannes Film Festival selection "9.8 m/s²"),

  • Shruti Tewari (member of the Sundance Collab Directing Program)

  • Ken Krauss (writer "Tom, Dick, & Harriet" - Hallmark Channel),

  • Kevin Emerson (author of over twenty novels published by HarperCollins, Random House, Scholastic)

  • Linda Shayne (writer/director "Undercover Kid" released by WARNER BROTHERS, HBO Family, "Little Ghost,” distributed by PARAMOUNT video airing on HBO)


  • Kevin Bacon (Golden Globe and SAG award winner)

  • Kyra Sedgwick (Emmy and Golden Globe winner)

  • Jesse Eisenberg(Academy Award, Golden Globe and SAG Award nominee)

  • David Krumholtz (SAG Award nominee, "Oppenheimer", HBO's "The White House Plumbers", "The Deuce", Academy Award nominee "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs")

  • Jeremy Piven (Emmy Award and Golden Globe Winner)

  • Matthew Modine (SAG Award winner, Emmy nominee and Golden Globe winner)

  • Cuba Gooding Jr.(Academy Award winner)

  • Matthew Rhys(Emmy Award winner, Golden Globe nominee, SAG Award nominee)

  • Morgan Spurlock(Academy Award nominee, WGA Award winner)

  • Alan Cumming(Tony Award and Independent Spirit Award winner)

  • Actress/Comedian Kim Wayans

  • Doug Roland (Academy Award nominated filmmaker)

  • Academy Award winning screenwriter Jose Rivera

  • Jerry Stiller

  • Olympia Dukakis(Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winner)

  • Kevin Corrigan

  • Mario Cantone

  • Roger Sherman(Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner)

  • Haley Joel Osment(Academy Award nominee),

  • and many more...

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