AUGUST 18TH, 2020 at 8:00 P.M.

Mermaid: A suicidal nine year old boy struggling with his gender identity crosses paths with an unraveling but lovable Drag Queen.

11 minutes

After Forever (episodes 1,2,3)Brian has a new relationship and a new job, but Jason is still very present in his life. The 8-episode season continues his and his friends' journey of love, loss and moving on.

34 minutes

Dear Aunt Noa: A worldly transgender environmental activist from bustling LA and a struggling family-man mechanic from small town Ohio walk into a bar, their years of friendship tested by shades of gray in a modern America desperately masquerading in starkly contrasting monotones.

12 minutes

Diary Room: Sam, recent runner-up of the summer phenomenon Big Brother-- who takes an impromptu solo trip to England with his reality TV earnings. While abroad, Sam encounters a handful of strangers who inadvertently guide him in confronting the deep, dark truths he revealed on national television.

20 minutes

Stalls: Jonathan goes to the restroom in the middle of an opera performance.  He takes off his marriage ring and opens the secret golden glory hole hidden inside one of the stalls. Now, he waits for someone to come in so he can be on his knees. His heart accelerates as each new guy comes into the restroom. Finally, after taping his feet in what looks like a tap-dancing sequence he is able to find another man willing to give him what he wants.

3 minutes


A short film about a woman trying to hold onto the memories of the past.

4 minutes


AND-1139: A lonely man struggles with his feelings after an update to an android that he's BETA testing develops the ability to physically and emotionally feel.

8 minutes


Remember Me: A poetic short musical film about the ups and downs of a relationship.

7 minutes

01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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