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Industry Networking Conferences

From personalized small group meetings to large scale events, we are providing filmmakers and screenwriters with direct access to top agents and managers to discuss their projects, ask questions, pitch their material and receive feedback.

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  • Live Interactive virtual seminars with top agents, managers, producers and development executives for filmmakers, series creators and screenwriters currently seeking representation

  • Topics include: acquiring an agent or manager to represent for your film, series or screenplay; pitching your project; sell, license and/or option deals with producers, distributors, streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBOmax, etc.)

  • Networking, Educational and Q and A Opportunities. 

  • Individual Conference Registration $25 Per Conference, All Access Pass Registration $299

  • Participants receive a recording of the conferences for which they have registered, as well as a link to join our private industry networking group on LinkedIn.

All Access Pass holders will be provided with a pre-registration form, which guarantees the opportunity to share the following with our participating agents and managers: Title and Brief Synopsis of Your Film, Script and/or Series, Your Name, and Your Contact Information.

FALL 2022 Conferences



Thank you to all of our participating Agents and Managers!