• Screenplay winners in each category will receive complimentary membership to BAFF Year-Round Industry Networking and Mentorship Conferences. These seminars and workshops are designed to provide attendees with direct access and live interaction with industry professionals. The goal is to provide strategies, guidance and mentorship to emerging screenwriters and filmmakers. Conferences take place regularly throughout the year, and are presented virtually allowing participants to join remotely. For information on our networking conferences visit

  • In partnership with WeScreenplay, winning scripts will be reviewed by readers who have read for agencies, studios, management companies, and/or production companies. Each review will include: 4 pages of detailed notes, Character, Plot, Structure, Dialogue, and Concept Analysis, A Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating, An overall impression that will highlight extra factors like voice, Qualitative scores to help compare your progress, Your analyst’s bio. WeScreenplay has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, IMDb, TheWrap, and IndieWire.

  • Screenplay winners will receive an all access badge to all Big Apple Film Festival events, including film screenings, networking conferences and receptions.