Runner - by Adrian McNair 

Everybody Knows - by Rangeley Wallace

Renaissance Man - by Robert Tolz

Rosa - by Chelsea Hazzard

A Little Sedated - by Joey Sanders

OverKill - by Alex Montilla

Synthia - by Rajaroy Joseph Alphonse

Light Years From Home - by Aaron Pope and B. Gautham

The Great Hunger - by Paul G. Andrews, Thomas Keneally,

Meg Keneally, Roland Joffé

One Last Wish - by Allen Alleman

Hello I Must Be Going - by Sara Hallowell

Norah's Ark - by Thomas Pace

Great White Way  - by Lawrence Fecho 


Street Signs - by Alasdair Mcmullan 

Meera - by Alex Arjuna Hughes

Resist - by Timothy Porter

First Realm Problems - by Becca Blackmore

Where's Kate - by Keith Macri

Heavy - by Collette Legault

THEFT OF A NATION - EPISODES 1 & 2 - by Bob Dodd

If you knew Susie - by Joe Andrews

REDemption - by Mary Kate Allen, Mista Martel

Sketches - by Donnalyn Vojta, Donnalyn Vojta

Hurricane Tara - by Kyle Curry

The Break Up Diner - by Stephen Kessen

WiMe-5G - by Patricia Hayes

Palu - by Shane McGoey, Mike Manning, Tom Anderson

STALO - by Stefan Löfgren 

Inhuman Bond - by James Barrett, Tony Robenalt

Robots do not Die - by Maxud Sarsembayev and 

Mansur Sarsembayev

Inherit - by Vishnu Prasad

Silent Notes - by Kiki Tsakalakis 

So Güt - by Erika Hakmiller

Balls and Strikes - by Ellen Adair, Chris Carfizzi

Madman Part 1:  Down the Rabbit Hole - by Ian Pozzebon

Audrey's Children_2 - by Julia Fisher Farbman

Yuan Will Be - by Zero Qin

Organized Criminal - by Crystal Stevens


For the Method - by Les Zig

You're Doing Great! - by Sharon Spell

BLACK MO - by Peter Noel

The Lover - by Elizabeth Stuelke

The Purple Heart Battalion - by Steven Migdol

ATTACK THERAPY - by Warren Clarke

THE PISTOLEERS: Clash of The Legends - by Ron Duncan

Canal Street - by Allen Gutterman

Dukkha - by Rachana Suri

The Skeleton Watch - by Tricia Cerrone

The Squad - by Heather Brown

Mamadukes - by Oliver Warren

DANCING SHADOWS - by Mahee Sannapareddy

Paint Drops From The Heart - by Timothy Mendonca

A Dream of Mortals - by Steven Epp 

Chameleon - by Daniel Corey

Sunset Agency - by Richard Reilly 

Day Job Jesus - by Hans-Eric Gosch

Narcissus - by Grace Gao

The Sigma Kids - by Jared Michael Delaney

The Lost Camp - by Connor Etter

Demon of Kings - by Charlene Tetievsky

The Freshmen - by Adam Somong Karison

God's Photo Album -by Susan Arnout Smith

Greenwood - by Jody Hadlock

The Night Letter - by Annette Maxbury-Carrara

New In Town - by Christopher Gooley

Chameleon - by Daniel Corey

Silent Hope - by Tyler Trembley

The Lover- by Elizabeth Stuelky

Descendants Of The Dragon - by Alan Sim

The Messenger - by Joanna Johnson

Oaksterdum - by Aleksandar Filimonovic, Nemanja Colovic

BLACK MO - by Peter Noel

Eviscerated! A Zombie Musical - by May McDonough

Galaxie - by Michael Mustizer

The Hostage - by Louise Chen


Memory House - by Jonathan Clark

Virtual Magic - by A.S. Templeton

So Goes the Night - by Michael Cuenca, Dan Rojay

Fat: A Love Story - by Rebecca Scott

Animal Joe: Good Animal Wrangler - by Rebecca Scott 

Tears of Atokal - by Patrick Cottington

Chimera - by Olivia Gardnair

All-Bright Court  "An Apple" - by Chasen Ruddy

Avenging Angels - by Jennifer Phillips

Bracewater - by Cynthia MR Crofoot

You're Doing Great! - by Sharon Spell

Queen of Magic - by Kathy DiStefano

YouStalk - by Kathy DiStefano

Suitable Replacement -by Tom Tanno

Professional Wingman - by Tom Tanno

Boneshakers - by Claire Burke, Kyle Andreas

Compelled By Pride - Kwame Compton, Isabelle Agbanzo

The 7 Deadly Dates - by Brian Erwin

Rainbow Cowboy - by Leslie Bloom, Callum Trevitt,

Todd Nayor

THE BRACELETS (Short) - by Joanne Bellew

UN VIOLON - by Joanne Bellew

The Purple Heart Battalion - by Steve Migdol

"Bonspiel" - A Curling Comedy for the Ages! - by Allyson Simon

The Last Hue - by Brooke Martin

Machiavelli - by Santi Eposito-Rose

Death of a Revolution - by Marshall Ferrin

Smoking Gun - by Pablo Bobbadilla

Photo Bomb - by Stephen Kodat

Lost & Found - by Jonathan A. Phillips

The Pantheon - by Gregory R. Wolf

Sugar, Sugar! - by Clara West

A Summer of Bitter Sweet Melon - by Kevin Donner

Schism: Renewal - by Malcom R. Taylor

The Terrorist - by Kesari Bhattacharya 

First and Forever - by David Leblanc 

Reach Out and Touch Someone - by Penelope Karageorge

Queen Woman - by Vivien Jastrzebski 

The Love Docta' - by Brus Messinger, Kimberly Bramlett