November 6-10, 2013, Tribeca Cinemas, New York City
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2012 Big Apple Film Festival Official Program Guide
Wednesday 11/14 Thursday 11/15 Friday 11/16 Saturday 11/17 Sunday 11/18

Thursday, November 15, 2012

buy tickets Program 7 – Theater 1

6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The Hooligans – 12 minutes
Dir. Clarence Fuller
The mockumentary, "The Hooligans" follows a band of misfit motorcycle riders around New York City as they get into fights, do wheelies, crash bikes and tame supermodels. Their goal is to become a legit motorcycle club to rival the Hell's Angels. What follows is an intimate look into a group of guys who's antics seem childish in comparison to any bona fide Motorcycle club.

Chicken – 26 minutes
Dir. Jessica Sue Burstein
In this luminous portrait of temporary intimacy, two lonesome tourists venture off the beaten path and connect for one memorable night.

Goodnight – 2 minutes
Dir. Philip Giordano
After a young woman loses her fiance she seeks solace in a fantastical memory of him. This nostalgia leads to even deeper mourning.

The Orchard – 11 minutes
Dir. Laura Graham
A pack of boys spend their afternoons in an abandoned orchard. As tensions rise, a girl is a catalyst for change.

A Family Dinner – 27 minutes
Dir. Peter Davenport
Four adult children return home for a family dinner at their parents' New England house for the first time since the eldest son's marriage four years earlier, when something happened to keep them apart. Everyone joins in the cooking, gossip, laughter and teasing, and they all enjoy a formal dinner together until boundaries blur and tension and confrontation between the brothers lead to a shocking discovery.

The Velvet Hammer – 12 minutes
Dir. Joe Mensch
A steel worker falls for the girlfriend of a philandering Wall Street banker and enacts a devious scheme to win her over.

buy tickets Program 8 – Theater 2

6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

But Not So Much – 21 minutes
Dir. Jakob Sacksofsky-Berck
After Rachel's sister Claire commits suicide, Rachel's feelings of guilt manifests itself in the form of Claire. John, meanwhile, tries desperately to understand what is affecting Rachel, as he falls madly in love with her.

Love and the Small Print – 20 minutes
Dir. Adam Lawrence
Three couples navigate through dramatic events in their relationships forcing them to make decisions that could change their lives, but not all couples survive with their sanity, or life, in tack.

528 New York – 15 minutes
Dir. Julia Suo
Quan, 15, a talented and gifted swimmer, from Brownsville Brooklyn, while walking home one night from swimming practice at the gym, gets stopped by police doing a routine stop and frisk and is accused of a wrongful crime.

Cecilia's Birthday – 15 minutes
Dir. Adonis Williams
Teenage Cecilia's excitement about her birthday is crushed when her mother turns it into a party for her own friends and ignores all her daughters' requests for what she wants. The older brother captures all his sister's disappointments on his new camcorder. Seven years later, as an adult, Cecilia finds the tape of her party, revealing to us something her brother kept a secret and reflects on how it impacted on who she's become.

And I on the Opposite Shore – 12 minutes
Dir. Mozell Miley-Bailey
"And I On the Opposite Shore" is a mystery surrounding two Haitian couples, one adrift on a boat out at sea while another vacations on a beach resort in Florida. Their lives seem very different yet may share an enigmatic connection. With atmospheric imagery of the sea, sunsets and shore, the film evokes an intangible dream of traveling and the consequential reality of reaching one's destination.

I'm Happy – 4 minutes
Dir. Michael Neithardt
"I'm Happy" is the story of a man's premature heart attack forcing him to come to terms with the regrets of his life. It explores the conversation in his mind during these his final moments. One part tone-poem, one part dream-scape, the man journeys through an exploration within his own mind and ultimately has to acknowledge the lies he has been telling himself all along.

buy tickets Program 9 – Theater 1

7:45 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Last Call – 15 minutes
Dir. Michael Anthony Salerno
'Last Call' is the story of two men out of place and out of options. When the debt on Ernie's bar runs unpaid for too long, his good friend Benny is sent to collect. Old regrets meet old debts... and one man's fresh start is one man's last call.

Broker – 30 minutes
Dir. Alex Haney
A mid-level, corrupt boiler room stockbroker faces the destruction caused after a brief life of financial crime. As he attempts to repair relationships with alienated friends and family he also aims to make amends with the widow of a former client.

And if Tomorrrow ... – 20 minutes
Dir. Joe Iacovino
A young married couple's relationship is seen through the prism of an abstract painting.

Bobby's Girl – 15 minutes
Dir. Adam Tyree
A teen runaway, Noreen, stalks a handsome local named Bobby, and when he makes the mistake of leaving his back door unlocked Noreen slips inside his home to become more intimate with her obsession ...

Beaten and Battered – 11 minutes
Dir. Larry Rosen
A single event can change your whole life.

The New Garden – 8 minutes
Dir. Ivan Kotevski
Two doomed young lovers take refuge in a serene mountain cabin during Earth's final days. They are the last two people truly alive amidst a world of chaos. The love between them is their only hope as they struggle to find a way to live together forever.

buy tickets Program 10 – Theater 2

7:45 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

The Tourist – 17 minutes
Dir. Kelly Knudson
A father's plan for revenge, back fire's when he unexpectedly comes face to face with the person who assaulted his daughter.

Messenger – 15 minutes
Dir. David Salazar and Francisco Salazar
Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a young boy leaves his home in hopes of improving upon the world of lies that he experienced with his parents. He happens upon a group of nomads before realizing that he can never fully achieve the happiness he had always dreamt of.

The Face – 20 minutes
Dir. Elizabeth Browning and Kate Kenny
What if we were really beautiful and didn't know it?

What if the things they tell us just aren't true?

Elizabeth Parker, successful author, wife, and busy mom is challenged by a society and a billion dollar advertising industry that tells us that we are never enough...young enough, thin enough, beautiful enough....enough! In this inspiring and provocative short film, Elizabeth takes a moving journey to discover the unspeakable beauty of her life as she comes face to face with a decision that will change her forever.

Sam – 11 minutes
Dir. Sal Bardo
After being bullied and beaten for dressing like a boy at school, Sam escapes into the fields surrounding her house, where she's forced to spend the night and choose between who she is and who the world expects her to be.

Vodka 7 – 24 minutes
Dir. Chris Von Hoffman
Three stories mesh with each other in a New Jersey bar. A professional Hit Man has drinks with a Novice as he prepares him for his first hit. Two Lawyers argue over a recent trial. And a middle-aged Woman explains to the uninterested Bartender of her revelation.

buy tickets Program 11 – Theater 1

9:45 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

A Cup of Sugar – 11 minutes
Dir. Brian Millard
A suburban couple encounters odd, new neighbors with a seemingly unusual diet ...

Underpaid Narrator – 11 minutes
Dir. Ben Holbrook
"Underpaid Narrator" is a hilarious docu-comedy with a seemingly normal party, a Ouija board, a feuding couple, and a professional narrator thrown in to the mix.

Harry Grows Up – 12 minutes
Dir. Mark Nickelsburg
New York is a tough place to find love. Especially for an eighteen-month-old who lives on his own.

That's What She Told Me – 17 minutes
Dir. Kim Cummings
Struggling New York City artist, Carly North is having an existential crisis when she accidentally summons the Ghost of Johnny Cash, who propels her on a mind-bending road trip throughout the wilds of upstate NY to find the father she has never met ...

Bittersweet Life – 18 minutes
Dir. Ryan Kwon
A businessman and homeless man meet at life's most tragic moment to help each other accept the bitter and the sweets of life.

Girl Clown – 15 minutes
Dir. Beth Spitalny
A mousy secretary attempts to overcome her shyness and find true love by becoming a professional clown. .

buy tickets Program 12 – Theater 2

9:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

The Girl Next Door – 25 minutes
Dir. Andrea Picco
In 1982 Theresa was 15 years old, a virgin from an American-Irish catholic family and a straight A student. Two years later she had sex with hundreds and hundreds of men as a sex slave part of a billion dollar industry that still exists today. Instead of turning to drugs or committing suicide, she turns her horrifying past into her calling, travels the country and helps people who are being trafficked. This film tells Theresa's story from her recovery to her triumph as a public speaker and abolitionist.

Indian Summer – 17 minutes
Dir. Mridu Chandra
'Indian Summer' follows Indian American kids ages 9 to 16 at the Hindu Heritage Summer Camp near Rochester, NY as they pursue a course that offers exposure to meditation, yoga, and the opportunity to learn how to practice Hinduism in a largely Christian country. Through a lively and entertaining weave of footage shot by young campers, interviews, and verite footage, 'Indian Summer' brings together first generation Indian American kids with similar feelings of alienation to document their religious and cultural point of view. They demystify the basic tenets of Hinduism for themselves and for us, they express a deep need for community, and they show us what it takes to be a Hindu in America.

Searching For the American Dream – 20 minutes
Dir. Dena Greenbaumn
Searching for the American Dream follows four young adults who are freelancers in New York City.

Day Gigs – 14 minutes
Dir. Benjamin Feuer
She wrote for Creem. She mocked The Dictators. She interviewed Lou Reed. Chrissie Hynde once drew her likeness on a bar napkin. She rode the new wave. She helped revive folk rock. Now she lives quietly in Connecticut, away from her colorful past. In this short, Lauren Agnelli recalls a life devoted to the performing arts, and tells us of the price artists must pay to pursue their dreams.

Carbon For Water – 22 minutes
Dir. Evan Abramson
In Kenya's Western Province, most drinking water is contaminated. The wood many Kenyans use to boil this water to make it safe is increasingly valuable. Women and girls, who bear the responsibility for finding water and fuel, often miss school or work while seeking both fuel and water. Some even encounter sexual violence. Yet waterborne illness remains a daily--and life-threatening--reality for them and their families. Carbon For Water introduces audiences to the inspiring people who face these hardships, and explores one company's innovative solution for improving the health of millions of Kenyans and the environment in which they live.

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