November 6-10, 2013, Tribeca Cinemas, New York City
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2012 Big Apple Film Festival Official Program Guide
Wednesday 11/14 Thursday 11/15 Friday 11/16 Saturday 11/17 Sunday 11/18

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

buy tickets Program 1 – Theater 1

6:00 p.m. – 7:20 p.m.

Happy New Year! – 21 minutes
Dir. Judianny Compres and Chuck Gomez
Inspired by Vincent van Gogh's painting The Bedroom and set in New York, "Happy New Year!" tells the story of Soledad, a Harlem poet who amidst the crowd and holiday cheer finds herself alone. But with loneliness in big cities purported to be a myth, she is determined to connect and find love.

Rebirth – 22 minutes
Dir. Nicole Libassi
"Rebirth" is a thrilling and harrowing look at the struggles of a transgender person who wakes up trapped in a motel with no idea how he got there, and begins having hallucinations of people from his past, all of whom accuse him of murdering his former self in cold blood and ultimately send him on a desperate mission to rescue the little girl trapped in the next room

Elizabeth Voss – 4 minutes
Dir. Zade Constantine
Elizabeth Voss, an aspiring actress, confronts self-doubts at an unusual audition.

Father's Day – 28 minutes
Dir. Cynthia Granville
As attorney John Browne prepares to leave his office for a wild Father's Day weekend at the Hampton's, an unexpected stranger stops in his office, changing his plans for the weekend and possibly the rest of his life.

GOOD MEN – 12 minutes
Dir. Brian Connors
"GOOD MEN" is a 12 minute short drama about two elderly Jewish men ( Ed Asner and Mark Rydell ) who get into a serious argument over the controversial circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks on The World Trade Center.

buy tickets Program 2 – Theater 2 (Opening Night Feature)

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

To Redemption – 100 minutes
Dir. Alexia Oldinii
"To Redemption" is a portrait of a typical blue collar family from Queens, New York. The story shows the complexity and inner struggles that surround this family.

buy tickets Program 3 – Theater 1

7:45 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

Rain in Summer – 24 minutes
Dir. Becca Roth
"Rain in Summer" is a short film about a young woman named Cass, who is reluctant to get over her ex-boyfriend, Greg, who broke up with her almost a year ago.

Confidante – 18 minutes
Dir. Lisa Melodia
A young cleaning woman is confronted with an unusual request when her elderly employer asks her to spy on her long lost brother.

Mac & Cheese – 15 minutes
Dir. Lutfu Emre Cicek
A disturbed mother takes extreme measures to punish her young daughter.

Guaranteed Happiness – 9 minutes
Dir. Clarence Fuller
A cocky, young New York City developer awaits his trusted secretary who spends the day in search of pills that will calm him for an important investor meeting.

Tee'd Off – 10 minutes
Dir. Nicole Michaelis
A struggling actor recaps what he had to endure to make it to his audition and finally reveals his own unique way of coping with rejection.

Love in Therapy – 9 minutes
Dir. Mariko Takai
When you are in a relationship where there is a significant age difference, What will you do... Is love the answer?

buy tickets Program 4 – Theater 2

8:15 p.m. – 9:35 p.m.

Junior and The Saint – 15 minutes
Dir. Lamont Stephens
After his wife leaves him, a champion prize fighter must split his time between training for the biggest fight of his life and being a single parent to his six year old son.

The Ballad Of Danko Jones – 23 minutes
Dir. Jason Diamond and Josh Diamond
"The Ballad Of Danko Jones" is a short intriguing story of Canadian rock band Danko Jones trying to save the world from an evil scientist whilst escaping multiple hit men out to get them. The story focuses of the technology of human cloning and the immoral aspects surrounding it. Their drummer Dan is taken hostage by the scientist and locked in to a chamber. The only way to save him is to find a small piece of nano technology in the shape of a pendant that will release him and save his life.

This is Only a Test – 9 minutes
Dir. Bill Sorice
A tale of a Girl's surrealistic journey encountering varied tests during the different stages of her life. 'It's Pink Floyd The Wall meets a Calvin Klein AD'.

The Unexpected – 13 minutes
Dir. Maderling Suquet
"The Unexpected" tells the story about a boy who is caught in an emotional roller coaster when he loses his parents in a car accident, forcing him to live with his grandmother who he's never met before. Eric will embark in a new life where he will find secrets from his family's past that will change his life forever.

Allen Here – 11 minutes
Dir. Etan Harwayne-Gidansky
Allen is a loser but things begin to improve when he goes on a nighttime retreat and runs into Rebecca, his longtime crush. Much to his surprise and delight, she takes an unexpected interest in him. Things continue to go his way. When he has the opportunity to defend her and stave off an assault, he believes he'll be lauded as a hero but instead, his world begins to unravel...

Angelo – 9 minutes
Dir. Flavio Alves
"Angelo" follows an Angel who approaches an old man with a compensation package from god for an unfulfilling life.

buy tickets Program 5 – Theater 1

9:35 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

I Love You, Anna – 26 minutes
Dir. Josh Walden
"I Love You, Anna" explores the true meaning of family, friendship and claiming responsibility for life.

Gros – 10 minutes
Dir. Adam Taylor
The autobiographical story of circus performer 'Sladu Le Gros,' the fattest man in Eastern Europe, who travels to America to become the fattest man in the world only to depressingly find that in this country he is merely considered to be of average size.

The Left Hook – 22 minutes
Dir. Thomas Bond
A young runaway finds herself in a hospital of sorts, unsure of her purpose there. As she tries to trigger any useful memory, fantasies of joining a traveling carnival, with her as the starring attraction, begin to consume her. But where and when does fantasy end?

The Sweatshop – 12 minutes
Dir. Chin Tangsakulsathaporn
Two children are trapped in a sweatshop, but discover one chance to be free.

Lovely – 16 minutes
Dir. Jennifer Maurer
Sister Gertrude stumbles upon a new world when the Internet is installed in her Wisconsin convent. She discovers a new kind of sisterhood when she begins chatting with a younger nun, Lucinda. Between cow pastures, dance lessons, and apple picking Gertie feels, well, Lovely. Miracle-like signs force her to focus on the reality that perhaps she has picked a forbidden fruit.

buy tickets Program 6 – Theater 2

9:50 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

I'm Okay – 10 minutes
Dir. Silvia Tovar
Monroe, a veteran, attempts to reconcile with his wife before he is consumed by his post traumatic stress disorder.

The Death Of A Prince – 24 minutes
Dir. A.R. Hilton
The Death Of A Prince is a short film dedicated to the memory of my younger brother who was murdered at eighteen years of age. He was a very charismatic young man who drew people to him with prince-like qualities; qualities seen in a lot of young black American males. It it my hope that through The Death Of A Prince they realize those qualities and live up to them - their prince hood.

Girls Who Smoke – 15 minutes
Dir. Tawny Foskett
"Girls Who Smoke" is adapted from a Moth story that played on public radio's This American Life program and is about two women, both with bad boyfriends and bad habits, who connect over a pack of cigarettes.

Adeline – 8 minutes
Dir. Joseph Arnone
The story opens up to reveal a poet's life or death circumstances. Played by Daniella Alma, the character Adeline decides to literally dig up her past with shovel in hand, reaching deep into the ground to reconnect with a book of her most personal writings. Over the course of this short film we experience the inner battle that Adeline encounters with her darker self.

Where the Sharpest knife Was Kept – 17 minutes
Dir. Tim Gehling
After a violent episode on the eve of his son's birth, Bill tracks down his brother Toby. Armed with a severed deer head and the urge to go crabbing, Bill seeks a refuge that Toby can no longer provide, in this story about the futility of compassion.

Wednesday 11/14 Thursday 11/15 Friday 11/16 Saturday 11/17 Sunday 11/18


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